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Class 3 - Autumn 2017

Welcome to the new academic year in Class 3. 

Welcome to Class 3’s working page.  Here you will be able to see all the learning that we have been up to this term.    I and Mrs Meek are planning a very exciting term with lots of enrichment activities to enhance our learning.  This term our focus topics are on The Mayan Civilisation and World War 1.   

Below you will find information about what is happening in the class this term.  Over the term we will be adding pictures and information about what we have been doing. Please keep coming back to see what we have been learning.

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Controlling and building robots

In class this week we had a visit from PrepareRobo who helped the children build a robotic car through creating them, testing them and refining. The children had a great time and loved seeing their cars moving around the hall.

Lucas said, ‘It was great fun building it and then watching it go around the hall.’


Please see our Class 3 Autumn 1 2017 gallery for more pictures. 

WW1 Trench Battle & Remembrance

This week in Class 3 we have been working towards our Remembrance Service held on Friday morning.  The children recreated a narrative called ‘Where the poppies now grow’.  It tells the story of two friends from childhood to joining the army, being injured, being a hero and remembering those that were lost in WW1.  We are very proud of their work on this.  A group of children read sections of their poem in the service.  We laid a wreath at the memorial in the church yard and had a 2 minute silence.  After this the children had a ‘trench battle’ where they learnt about working together and what it may have been like in the trenches during WW1 through their play.  


Please see our Class 3 Autumn 1 2017 gallery for more pictures.

WW1 Learning Logs

The children were given the challenge to research WW1 for their learning logs over half term.  I am incredibly proud of all the work that each child put into their log.  They have really embraced the ideas behind learning logs and putting their own stamp on their learning.  The inspired ideas that they have come up with, from visiting museums to researching soldiers who died in WW1 whose surnames matched members of the class.  They are all pure genius!  Miss Jenkin. 


Mayan Play in a Day

On the first day back after the October half term Class 3 completed their Mayan project with a Mayan Play in Day with the help of Hadley from Konflux Theatre.  It was amazing to see what the children could do in just one day.  Hadley was very pleased with the performance and said that the children were excellent.  We are very proud of every one of them.

More pictures are available in the Class 3 Autumn 1 2017 Gallery.

Science - Forces & Magnets

This term our science topic sees us investigating forces and magnets. Here we are experimenting with friction and its effect on moving toy cars.  Not all of our predictions were correct.



Here we are performing magic tricks with magnets. Making paper clips float!!!!       


 Making a compass and find treasure

We made compasses using a tray of water, a plastic lid and a magnet. Miss J gave us all a direction and we went off to find treasure.  Our treasure bags were full of new pencils.


Harvest 2017

As part of our harvest week we got to make apple crumble with Mrs Hunt.  We then delivered them to people in the village. 


Learning Log

This year sees the whole school changing home learning to learning logs.  Class 3 are very excited about this opportunity to show off our learning in a different way.  We wrote our own pledge about using our learning logs and went through ideas. Here is the information to parents about the Learning Logs that Miss Jenkin shared with them.

These are our first Learning Log projects.  All about me.