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Class 1 - Summer 2016


Class 1 Summer Term 2016 Welcome Letter

Class 1 Curriculum Information Summer 2016

Forest School - Cave Baby

Our last Forest School session this year was inspired by Cave baby, a Julia Donaldson story.  Cave Baby wants to get creative and paint in his cave but lived many years ago and din't have paints like we do now!

The children had to use what they could find in the garden to make their own paints before they had a go at painting.  They used mud, leaves, charcoal and clay.  They also had the idea of using raspberries for a red!

They had a great time practising on the large sheet and then each made their own painting too.  Lovely art work!



Fire Station Visit

This morning class 1 went to visit Bridport Fire Station to find out about the engines and the work the firefighters do.

We met at Morrisons and enjoyed a walk across the fields, stopping for a snack picnic!

We found out all about what the fire engines carry, the tools they use and when they might use them.  We also looked around the fire station and saw where the firefighters keep their suits.  Nick put his on to show us and we learnt about how important it is to be able to put it on quickly.  All the children had written some questions for the firefighters and they were very helpful in answering them, helping us to learn lots!

We were lucky enough to be able to pretend to be real firefighters and squirt the hoses!

Thank you very much to Nick and Steve at the Fire Station for showing us around!


Forest School - Petal Artwork

Our last session in the woods this half term was a chance to use the woods natural resources to make our own artwork.  Luckily, we had our own 'Forest School Art' expert with us!  Bobby did a fantastic job of being the teacher and teaching the other children how you could use hammers and flowers to create a colourful piece of artwork.  The children collected flowers and leaves and then used the hammers to hammer them so the colour soaked into the fabric.  When we opened up the material, the children loved the colourful, symmetrical patterns they had made.  The children were very careful and showed a great maturity in using the tools.

Please visit the gallery to see more photos.



Growing Cress

As part of our learning about growing, we have been growing our very own cress.  The children planted the seeds and were surprised by how tiny they were.  The tray was in our classroom so we could check on its progress every day.  The next morning some very observant children noticed that some seeds had started to split and the next day we had some roots begin to appear.  We watched the roots and shoots grow and were careful to keep watering it.  When it was ready we loved being able to make it into cress sandwiches.  Some of us loved it, some of us weren't so sure!

Please visit the gallery for more photos.




Forest School - Forest Friends

Class 1 had to use their imaginations today as we searched the woods for some new friends.  They had to look beyond a simple stick and imagine what character it could be.  The children proved themselves to be very inventive!  They were able to name and describe their characters as well as giving them personalities.

Leaves became fish and butterflies.

Sticks became snakes, giraffes and caterpillars.

Curled up fern leaves became seahorses.

A beech nut shell became a crab.

Flowers became fairies and princesses.


Forest School - Music of the Woods

The first thing we noticed as we walked into the woods today was the bluebells!  Wow, what a beautiful sight!  

Class 1 love music and song so we took this love into the woods today to see if we could make some of our own music there.  We spent some time listening carefully to the sounds of the woods and then set about seeing what sounds we could make ourselves in the woods.  They tried to find a 'scraping' sound, a 'shaking' sound and a 'banging' sound.  We found that there were lots of ways to use sticks to make sound.  The children hit trees, fallen trees, pieces of bark or two sticks together.  They also used some sticks to scrape other sticks or tree bark.  Some sticks with leaves on proved to be a good shaker, giving a rustling sound.  We loved Bobby's 'clacking' sound he made with two acorns.

The children then had the opportunity to sing and play their instruments to everyone.  They showed such confidence doing in this in the woods to all their friends!

(Please visit the gallery to see more photos.)




Washingpool Farm Visit

Class 1 enjoyed a wonderful day out in the sunshine at Washingpool Farm.  We are learning about plants and growing and the children were very interested in what Vicky had to tell us about how they grow everything at Washingpool.  We had a tour around the farm feeding the animals and looking around the polytunnels.  The children learnt about how animals need: food, water and shelter, just like us!  We also talked about what foods we get from different plants and animals.  We planted our own salad boxes and were very excited to see shoots appearing this week.

The afternoon was an opportunity to explore some more of the farm with a walk around the lake.  We had our eyes open and were looking out for signs of Spring and growth.  We spotted seeds from the bulrushes and buds on the hedgerows.  All the children particularly loved the "soft, cute, fluffy baby lambs"!  There were plenty of animals to spot including goslings, fish and a turtle!

Many thanks to Vicky at Washingpool for hosting us so well.  She also enjoyed the day describing class 1 as "well behaved, very interested and communicative".  We are very proud!

(Please visit the gallery to see more photos.)