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Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

Latest Newsletter  

Dear Parents/Carers

Newsletter 29 - 19th May 2017

Key Stage 1 SATs

SATs can often cause controversy and worry for many parents – especially when their children are 7 years old! However, once again, the children of Symondsbury have wowed me with their positive attitude and approach to the Year 2 SATs tests that took place this week.  A parent approached me to say ‘thankyou’ yesterday to Mr White, Mrs Edney and the school as she felt that the way that they were approached was a positive experience for her child.  Well done all and I hope the children enjoy their party today – just remember to call me when the singing starts!

Get well soon Mrs Norman!

Many parents have asked where Mrs Norman is this week - she has been off with a poorly shoulder. We hope that she will be back very soon and know that she is bored, so we send her lots of love and get well wishes! My thanks to Miss Sherrin who has stepped in to keep us running and shipshape!

Parent/Carers Questionnaire

Thank you to all of you who returned your surveys last week. We had 35 returns in total which gave us a really good understanding of things we can celebrate and areas that we could improve on.

Some of you wrote comments too which was really helpful – whether they were things that you would like to see in school, concerns and the positive thanks and praise for the school was quite overwhelming – thank you. It means a lot to myself and the staff.

Some of the main points that we are thinking about are:

  • Concerns over healthy eating and sweet treats.

To combat this issue, staff have agreed there will be no sweets given out as treats – we have other treats instead. The children love their badges! I will chat to the ‘Friends’ about ‘Flump Friday’ and other chocolate gifts to see if there may be an alternative.  As far as the puddings at lunchtime go, Local food Links assure me that all of their food is part of a balanced diet and sugars and fruit etc are measured out very carefully.  If you have any further concerns, please do get in touch with them via the link on our website. I will, however, mention it at our upcoming meeting.

  • Concerns about approachability to staff.

Teachers and TAs are always happy to help but may not always be available with teaching commitments, after school clubs etc. If you have a question for them, please enquire at the office who can pass on a message or make an appointment for you to see them at an appropriate time.  By 9am the children are in and ready to learn and therefore that makes it difficult for the teacher to pop out of class.  However, if you have a particular concern – please see me. 

  • Concerns over site security and handover at the end of the day

Security and safeguarding is of the upmost importance at Symondsbury and as a village school we do not want high walls and fences. With this in mind, we have a site security policy and procedures to ensure the safety of our pupils.  I have written to you before about our plans to change the entrance of the school, which we unfortunately did not gain funding for, so we have come up with a plan B which will involve fencing part of the playground as part of our zoning and playground re-structure.  

In the meantime, you may have noticed yesterday that Class 2 and Class 3 were brought out by teachers and only given out when parents were seen. We will continue to have a member of staff on the gate but teachers and TAs will dismiss their classes outside from now on.  It would be helpful for us if parents stood towards the middle of the playground so that we can spot you easily – especially if you have children in different classes. Class 4 will continue to be dismissed from the classroom as they grow in independence.  Thank you for your support with this and watch out for further plans in the future.

  • More information wanted on what your child does at School

Each evening I ask my children ‘So, what did you do today?’ and I get the usual ‘Not much…’ response. Some parents feel they would like to know more about what their child is doing at school.  As a school we currently have:

  • Ø A weekly newsletter from me
  • Ø A termly curriculum overview for each class
  • Ø A termly letter from your child’s class teacher
  • Ø Weekly Celebration assemblies
  • Ø Class assemblies
  • Ø Termly parents’ evenings with written reports on progress and targets
  • Ø Termly open classes to see your child’s work
  • Ø End of year school reports
  • Ø Our website has regular news pages, picture galleries and class pages
  • Ø Class 1 uses ‘Tapestry’ – an interactive online learning journey
  • Ø Regular letters/permission slips/text service/Governor newsletters

Whilst we feel that this is an excellent amount of information sharing, we do feel that we would like to celebrate children’s learning with you. Class 3’s Ancient Egyptian living museum was a perfect example of this and class teachers are looking into ways of sharing and celebrating learning and homework tasks with you.

I do not feel that teachers writing more reports and holding more meetings would be useful, as I would rather they put their time into planning exciting, enriching opportunities for your children. So watch out for newsletters and particularly the website for lots of news and lovely learning at Symondsbury School.

We really appreciate your comments and as you can see – we have already started to work towards improving and growing what we already do.

However – these were just some of the points to celebrate… thank you!

Points to celebrate

  • Love the school web page and photos of the children and the lovely things they have been doing in class
  • School trips!! My daughter loved the trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum best day ever!
  • Love that my daughter has been able to join the choir she has wanted to do it since reception she is so shy but loves it!!!! She is trying to be more confident!!!
  • I am very happy with Symondsbury School and my child is very happy and learning every day. He never objects about going to school in the morning.
  • My child has only been at this school for a short time but I have been very impressed and she seems to be settling in very well.
  • The school offer lots of opportunities for children to take part in joint events and competitions
  • There are many extra-curricular activities and great ways of bringing learning to life e.g. class assemblies, museums, etc.
  • We feel lucky our child has a place at Symondsbury School and in particular value the whole school ethos, celebrating the individual and empowering each child to make a positive difference. Each child feels that they have an important part to play in the school and in turn confidence blossoms. Strong leadership with energetic vision and enthusiasm promotes creatively and an exciting curriculum. Thank you for all you do.
  • So so happy with the school
  • The school is amazing the teachers are amazing. We are proud to be part of it
  • Great Headteacher
  • Fab opportunities to make a positive contribution to the community
  • Overall I love the school I just have some concerns
  • The Headteacher is very approachable
  • I am totally happy with my children being at this school I think the head and all the teachers do a great job.
  • My child is very happy at this school thank you
  • I love this school and the teachers and TA’s are brilliant all three of my children have been to this school and I feel it has made for an excellent start to their lives thank you for everything you have done for them.

 Symondsbury Breakfast Club

Don’t forget we have our very own breakfast club, led by Miss Turner, which runs each morning from 8am. This can be a regular arrangement or just a one off as and when you need it. Just pop into the School office to find out more!  It is becoming more popular and the children are enjoying fun and games before school.

Class 3

We now have plenty of cardboard boxes for the build of Stonehenge, so thank you to everyone who donated.

6 a side football tournament

9 of our fabulous football players went to Colfox yesterday to take part in the football world cup. The team: Mollie, Freddie, Reece, Jacob, Charlie, George, Bailey, Diesel, and Rowan played 5 games, won 1, drew 2 and lost 2. It was a brilliant morning and the team was outstanding. It was a pleasure to take them out and represent the school.

Jazmin’s plight to raise money for Camp Nibbles

Jazmin has been researching into rabbits following getting two as pets and has found that they are the most neglected pets in the UK! She has asked if we can raise money for a worthwhile cause called ‘Camp Nibbles’ which is a shelter for neglected bunnies. Jasmin and her mum are going to hold a cake sale next Wednesday 24th May at playtime and after school. Cakes will be on sale for 50p each. They would welcome any donations of cakes on the day but will be baking lots of goodies to raise money for this cause.

Another piece in our jigsaw – that’s number 72!

Rogation - blessing the fields - 3pm Sunday 21st May - Lower Denhay Farm DT6 5NW

Don’t forget about this wonderful event. See the attached flyer for more information.

Our attendance award

Congratulations to clas 2 who won the award this week – keep up the hard work!

Stars of the week

Congratulations to our stars of the week - well done you!

Class 1 Poppy, Class 2 No star as YR2 are all stars for completing their SATS, Class 3 Kitty, Class 4 Rosa.

Yours sincerely

Emma Roberts


Dates for the diary


  • 23 May 17 - Kwik Cricket - Leisure Centre
  • 23 May 17 – Reception swimming
  • 23 May 17 – Phonics parents meeting year 1
  • 24 May 17 – Cake Sale
  • 26 May 17 – Swimming Gala Leisure Centre
  • 26 May 17 - Last Day of Term
  • 05 Jun 17 - Return to School
  • 06 Jun 17 - Reception Swimming
  • 07 Jun 17 - Year 5 Festival - Colfox
  • 12 Jun 17 - Phonics Screening Week
  • 13 Jun 17 - Reception Swimming
  • 14 Jun 17 - Quad Kids - Colfox PM
  • 14 Jun 17 – Class 1 Washingpool Farm Visit
  • 16 Jun 17 - Year 5 Music taster day
  • 20 Jun 17 - Reception Swimming
  • 20 Jun 17 - Class 4 Residential to London
  • 20 Jun 17 - New Reception Intake afternoon
  • 21 Jun 17 - Class 3 Residential Trip to Wareham
  • 27 Jun 17 - Year 6 Parents Induction at Colfox
  • 27 Jun 17 - New reception intake afternoon
  • 27 Jun 17 - Reception Swimming
  • 28 Jun 17 – Year R & 1 visit from Axe Valley Wildlife
  • 29 Jun 17 - Moving up afternoon
  • 29 Jun 17 - Year 6 Induction day 1 - Colfox
  • 30 Jun 17 - Year 6 Induction day 2 - Colfox
  • 04 Jul 17 - Reception Swimming
  • 04 Jul 17 - New reception intake afternoon
  • 05 Jul 17 - Class 3 Stoneage Day
  • 06 Jul 17 - Marathon
  • 06 Jul 17 – Class 2 assembly
  • 06 Jul 17 - Music for all evening
  • 07 Jul 17 - Sports afternoon
  • 10 Jul 17 - Reports issued this week
  • 10 Jul 17 –Whole School photo
  • 11 Jul 17 - Reception Swimming
  • 12 Jul 17 - Reserve date for sports afternoon
  • 13 Jul 17 - Class 4 production
  • 14 Jul 17 - Reserve date for sports afternoon
  • 15 Jul 17 - Year 6 Prom
  • 18 Jul 17 – Thank you tea party
  • 20 Jul 17 - Achievers Service
  • 21 Jul 17 - Leavers Service
  • 21 Jul 17 - End of term - 2.30pm