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Spring 2016

We've had a flying start to the year. Our topic is the Great Fire of London. The children have been getting stuck into their learning.

If you wish to see what exciting things were getting up to this term; click our curriculum map.

Easter Journey

We were very lucky to be given a special journey around the stages of Jesus' trail, crucifiction and resurrection by our lovely governors. Children especially loved the last supper and the tomb as they were fed chocolate and bread.



Volley Sport

 Today class 2 were privileged to be led in Volley Sport by leaders from the sir John Colfox School. It was an excellent morning and everyone had lots of fun. More pictures are in our gallery.


Big Write

Here is a piece of writing following our 'Big Write' last week from one of our year one pupils. We took part in a little bit of VCOP before watching an enticing clip called 'The Immortal Monkey'. Our focus was using speech marks, adjectives, full stops and capitals letters. 


The Great Fire of London

Wow! What a great project this has been. Class two will be able to tell you anything about the great fire in 1666. They have been busy exploring many different ways to find out information from places in history.

Here's a collection of what we've been up to. We had to start with Oscar's home project. He recorded a video of himself with help from his little sister Poppy and their pet dinosaur.

The class have especially enjoyed our D&T project of making a fire engine inspired off our 'vehicles' topic.






Chinese New Year

We've had an amazing week celebrating everything new year in China. This is a Chinese dance we were practicing.

Here's some stills to go with it. Plus lots of action shots of different activities we have been making. Ask us any question about New Year in China and we can tell you.


Literacy - Silly animal poems

We've been learning about performance and different tricks we can do to make poetry interesting to listen to. This is the Ning Nag Nong.



We made silhouettes of the London skyline burning. We used pastilles, wax, paint and collage to create these masterpieces. 







Here are some of the brilliant works we've done already this term.




Dinosaur Day - June 2017 (0 images)

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Dinosaur Day - June 2017 (0 images)

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Class 2 Trip to Fleet Air Arm Museum (80 images)

Created: 17 Mar 17 12:44 | Last modified: 17 Mar 17 12:53

Class 2 Washingpool Farm (23 images)

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Class 2 DT Ship building (29 images)

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Easter Journey (74 images)

Created: 21 Mar 16 13:12 | Last modified: 13 Apr 16 14:36

class 2 spring Term 16 (31 images)

Created: 3 Mar 16 12:50 | Last modified: 15 Mar 16 12:15

Volley Sport (28 images)

Symondsbury had a volleyball taster day delivered by some students at the Sir John cColfox School.

Created: 15 Mar 16 12:10 | Last modified: 15 Mar 16 12:13

Daffodil Picking 2016 (19 images)

Our annual walk to pick daffodils for Mothering Sunday.

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Chinese new year - C2 (64 images)

Created: 3 Feb 16 14:57 | Last modified: 4 Feb 16 13:56

Class 2 Home Projects (19 images)

Members of class 2 have been busy at home making monuments from around the UK. can you spot any you recognise?

Created: 18 Nov 15 12:54 | Last modified: 3 Dec 15 15:05

Multiskills Festival (61 images)

Class 2 went to Colfox to learn some new skills.

Created: 17 Nov 15 14:32 | Last modified: 17 Nov 15 14:58

Harvest Class 2 (27 images)

Class 2 doing lots of delicious things learning all about harvest. we had a twist of healthy eating.

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Dogs Trust assembly (12 images)

Class 2 has some visitors

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Children in Need 2015 (11 images)

Today's theme was superheros.

Created: 13 Nov 15 15:41 | Last modified: 13 Nov 15 15:53


Don't forget to check in now and again to keep up to date with all the exciting things we get up to.