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Spring 2016


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Forest School - Stickman

Our last two Forest School sessions this term were centred around another Julia Donaldson favourite, Stickman.  The children loved listening to the story in the woods and enjoyed being able to join in with the rhymes.  We thought carefully about what sort of stick we might need to make our own stickmen and women.  We decided we would need a 'y' stick to start with.  The children set off to find their own 'y' sticks and make their own stick-people.  We arranged them all on 'The Family Tree'.

Our final session saw us creating lots of things that the stick family might need in The Family Tree.  The children were very inventive, making beds, houses and tables from things they could find in the woods.

The woods are looking very spring like and the children could spot several signs that Spring has arrived, like the daffodils, primroses and celandines.




Forest School - The Gruffalo - Part 3

We found lots of animals hiding in the woods today!  We hunted around and found several animals that might come out when Class 1 aren't there!  We discussed where they might live and what they might use the woods for.  We even spotted some animal tracks.  I was very impressed with what the children already knew.

We then went on to use the clay to make our favourite character from the Gruffalo.  We had some snakes, some Gruffalos, some mice and some owls.  We had to use what we could find in the woods so sticks became prickles, tusks and tails, berries became eyes and leaves became ears!  Very inventive!

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Forest School - The Gruffalo - Part 2

Our walk into the woods today encountered some of the characters from The Gruffalo.  The children took turns to be the different characters and tell the story.  We were very impressed with the descriptive language and original ideas for the things the character's might say if they met the Gruffalo!

After enjoying our own fruit snack, we turned our attention to making the mouse some dinner.  We all know that the mouse wants Gruffalo Crumble!  The children were very inventive in making Gruffalo Pie, Gruffalo Cake and even a Gruffalo roll, using what they could find in the woods.  The mouse had a little taster and very much enjoyed all the meals served up to him!

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Attendance Award Treat

Class 1 won the Attendance Award for the best attendance in the Autumn term.  We celebrated today by an afternoon at West Bay play park.  The children had a great time swinging, climbing and trampolining!  We were very impressed with the confidence they had to climb to the top of the big pylon!  The children also enjoyed a yummy snack!  Congratulation Class 1 - keep up the good work.

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Forest School - The Gruffalo

 It is great to listen to stories in the woods - especially stories set in the wood, like The Gruffalo!  After listening to the story we thought about what sort of houses the characters might live in.  We then spent time building houses for the animals.   There were tiny houses for the mouse, houses in trees for the owl and a log pile house for the snake!  The children worked as a team with their friends and were proud of their houses!

We have also been busy writing postcards for our families this week.  We have been to the postbox, so keep an eye on your door mat....!

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Chinese New Year 

What a busy week we have had learning about Chinese New Year.  The children have been excited to learn about this colourful festival.  They have been making Chinese Lucky Money envelopes and Happy New Year cards for their friends and family.  In the play dough area, they have been writing messages and hiding them inside a play dough fortune cookie.  It is fantastic to see all this independent writing!

We enjoyed being able to take part in the Art Workshop, making our own colourful dragon masks.

On Wednesday we all took part in a Chinese dance workshop.  Being able to dance with the "big, long, colourful dragon" was very exciting. We also used umbrellas and fans as props for our dance about all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

On Wednesday we also tried some Chinese food.  We tried prawn crackers, spring rolls, prawn toast and egg fried rice.  the prawn crackers were very popular, being described as "crispy", "crunchy" and "amazing".  This food, however, was nothing compared to the feast on Friday with Simon and Ines.  We all had the chance to make our own duck pancakes!  They were delicious!

We used our very own Chinese Dragon and Lion to try some dancing to Chinese music.  We loved watching clips of people doing it in China and had a go at moving in the same way.  We also used the ribbons to try Chinese Ribbon Dancing.

All these activities culminated in a parade today.  We were honoured to open the parade by showing everyone our Dragon, Lion and Ribbon dancing!  

Take a look at all the photos of the fun we've been having!  

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January 2016

Everybody seems excited to be back at school this January.  The children are loving our Fairytales topic and we have seen lots of imaginative play.  The children have been dressing up and acting out the fairytales they know, as well as creating stories of their own.  It is lovely to see them using their imagination in our 'Far, Far Away' role play corner.

Last week we focused on The Gingerbread Man.  The children made their own gingerbread playdough people and we had great fun making up stories about what they might get up to.  Some of the ideas that made us giggle include:

she came to a sleep over and ate all the biscuits!


my gingerbread man is going to a secret party.


[the gingerbread man] took my money!


My Gingerbread Man went to West Bay!


they went on a train to Grandma and Grandads.


After practising with our gingerbread playdough everybody thought we should bake the real thing!  We baked our own Gingerbread Men to take with us on our welly walk.  They were yummy!

Our welly walk took us into the deep, dark forest where we had to keep a look out for the Big Bad Wolf and other fairytale characters.  We found some places the children thought he might live but no sign of him!  We did, however, find lots of places that the fairies might live and the children spent a long time creating their own fairy homes too.