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Summer Term 2016

Welcome to Class 2's summer term page!

We have lots to celebrate this term. Lots of activities planned and lots of fun and learning to be had.

Our main topics are 'Famous Explorers'. We will be looking at Christopher Columbus in the first half term and Neil Armstrong in the second.

If you wish to see more of what we are up to please click this link to view our curriculum map.

We also have our termly welcome letter should you wish to view.


Wow! the fun continues...We are not sure what day it is anymore! There's sooooo much happening this Summer Term. 

Class 2 had an adventure day as part of our topic and took part in being pirates chasing Christopher Columbus.  We had an introduction into fencing. Mr Kennedy was a very good teacher.




We had the lovely Pia and Christine from Step By Step Piano come into class 2 and give us a fabulous music lesson to advertise their summer school and help get children interested in music. The children all really enjoyed themselves.



Class 2's trip to Washingpool Farm

Clas 2 had an absolutely fabulous day at Washingpool Farm. We spent the morning feeding the animals and looking at the different crops growing. We even dug some potatoes and planted our own cress to take home. We spent the afternoon relaxing by the lakes and drew some wonderful sketches of what we could see.

D&T Ship building with Mike Brigdon

Class 2 had a fantastic D&T day learning about Christopher Columbus and his voyage to San Salvador. We made ships with expert guidance from Mike Brigdon. We all learnt skills in cutting, sawing, drilling, gluing, measuring and safety around a workshop.

Please view our gallery to see all the pictures.


Space Rocket


We have had plenty of fun designing our space rockets for our assembly. Sadly, we were too busy to remember to take any pictures but our assembly was a huge success and all the children took part and remembered their lines.

      This Was Joel our "Buzz LightYear".

He got a bit confused.

Story Telling

Class 2 had a real treat this morning. we had local story tell Martin come into class 2 and show how talented he is. The children sat and were spell-bound for 45 minutes whilst they were thoroughly entertained.


Queen's 90 Birthday

We celebrated in style! Class two had so much fun designing their own crowns. They even designed their own coins.



Class home project.

Our class home project this term was to build Christopher Columbus' ship 'The Santa Maria' at home with mums and dads. We have had some excellent projects back in. Thank you to everyone who helped in the building process.


We had one project which we have not been able to show yet. Isabelle's project was ruthlessly attacked during the weekend by class 2's ninja ants. We sadly could not rescue it, and had to file it in our black refuse container. We are currently trying to locate a picture from before it was viciously attacked.

End of SATs celebration

Year 2 have been working tremendously hard this week in completing some new tricky SATs tests. They have all worked really hard and shown that they are brilliant learners. Mrs Edney and I are extremely proud of them all. 

One thing which kept their motivation going all week was the promise of a celebration to mark the end of the mean tests. Here is a couple of pictures enjoying some healthy snacks watching a film of their choice. We made our own cinema and sat on top of our parachute for comfort (their idea). So they didn't feel left out, year one joined us too.



We are currently taking part in basketball and athletics this term. However, as a good work 'treat'. We managed to get the parachute out for some fun and games. We even made our own mushroom cloud but it was very hot and not 'muchroom' in there.....(insert your own laugh).


Famous Explorers

 In our first week, we have learnt a lot about Christopher Columbus. Here we are playing a game to get to know him and his exploration to San Salvador better.


 Making the Santa Maria

We have spent time looking closely at the ships Christopher Columbus traveled to America in. 
Mrs Edney and I challenged class 2 to be able to make a design of the Santa Maria just by looking at a picture and providing the materials for them. The results were surprisingly good. There were little variations here and there but overall, everyone did a great job.


 Science Experiments and Investigation

 We are going to have a lot of fun becoming scientists and conducting our own investigations through experiment. This is our first one. What will happen when a pencil is pierced through a plastic zippy bag full of water (and the pencil remains in the holes). Even though scientifically we should't have got wet....we did!


Finishing off our Great Fire of London topic.

 Sometimes it's too hard to fit everything onto one term...We do so much! We couldn't miss the opportunity to have our own Great Fire of London! The children designed their own houses and we set them alight in our own controlled fire to burn them down. We did have Bridport Fire station on standby but Mr White was ready with the hose should anything have gone wrong. The children were amazed how quickly the fire burnt out.




Tune in over the term to see more of what we have been getting up to.