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Class 3 - Summer 2017

Welcome to the Summer term. 

Back for the final academic term of the year and it will be a busy one! 

Our topic is Stone Age to Iron Age, we also have the tri golf tournament, visit to the Fossil Festival and our residential to look forward too.  And who knows what else will pop up along the way. But we are going to have fun.

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Curriculum Map Summer Term               Letter to Parents


Class 3 Celebrate Stone Age to Iron Age Topic

This term Class 3 have been studying the historic period between the Stone Age to Iron Age.  The children have studied a different element of one of the time periods, stone, bronze or iron age to become an expert in their ‘field’.   They carried out all the research and then put together a display and presentation that would teach the other children and the parents all about their chosen area.

On Wednesday 5th July the school field was transformed into a living museum showcasing the children’s learning with maps, games, cookery and art demonstrations, facial reconstructions of our Stone Age girl, replica pots we made with Julian the archaeologist and a cardboard box replica of Stonehenge.  The parents commented on what great knowledge the children had on their chosen area and how skilfully they presented it to everyone involved.


Earlier in the day the children also had the experienced of forming a tribe.  They were put into four different groups and had to set up their own kingdom, organising shelter, food and water.  Once this was achieved we fast forwarded a few years and each kingdom was able to trade with other kingdoms.


It was an excellent day said Freddie.

I enjoyed learning about the trading, said Mollie.

More pictures can be seen in the gallery section of the website.



Facial Reconstruction for a Stone Age person

This week has seen the children in Class 3 became archaeologist and used facial reconstruction to put a face to a skull. The children had to first measure eleven pegs, in millimetres, to ensure that they had the right depth of muscle.  Once these were placed onto the skull the children were able to build up the face using clay.  Once complete the faces were painted to give them or more real life impression.  I, Miss J, am thrilled with the results that the children have produced, a thousand times better than I expected.  Well done Class 3.



 Our Residential - June 21st-23rd - What an adventure!

What an adventure we had!  We did a lot of walking, talking and laughing for three days solid in our trip to Wareham. 


The little specs are us, walking up a very big hill on the way back from climbing!  Going down was so much easier!

We visited Durlston Park and met a ranger for the day. We looked at rocks and costal habitats.  Even got to see some guillemots nesting.

 Fossil Digging!  Walking!  Walking!

 Some of us slept in a tent! Played games!

How far did we walk Miss J?  On the second day we walked 8.3 miles! Miss J's fitbit told us so!


In-between the walking we rock climbed, abseiled and went on a costal walk. More walking.

 That evening we made bread and s’mores round the campfire and had hot chocolate. 


On our final day, we got wet!  Raft building and kayaking! 


A great time was had by all. We were exhausted by the time we got home!

More pictures are available to view in the Gallery! Tab on the main menu.

Year 3/4 Football Tournament 

12 of class 3 set off this week to play in the local area year 3 & 4 football tournament.  We are very proud to announce that they came runners up!  Thank you to Harry’s dad for providing weekly training, to Levi’s dad for organising the event and to Mrs Meek for being team captain and shouting from the side-lines.  

Well done team!




First week back after half term and we are building trebuchets!  One of our Parent Governors and another parent have come in to work with KS2 to learn about, design, make and test trebuchets.  On the first day Clive taught us about the history and physics of trebuchets.  Then we looked at different designs. From this we all choose a design and set about planning our own and writing instructions on how to build them.  On the second day, we built them.  We had to be very careful with the tools as we cut up pieces of wood to fit our plans.  Finally we had a war! Class 3 verses Class 4!

Planning and Making 



Our finished trebuchets!


The war!!!


Miss J offered to be a target!  Well, the children are firing marshmallows!  And we all know how Miss J loves a marshmallow!  Unfortunately the aims was not on target!

  And we have made it into the Bridport News!!!

We Are Archaeologists

This week we had a visit from Julian, who is an archaeologist, to talk to us about our topic Stone Age to Iron Age. Julian brought with him an indoor dig, where we learnt about how real archaeologist discover artefacts about our past.  It revealed an Iron Age round house.  We then put posts into the post holes to really give us the idea of what the house would look like and how it felt when we all went inside.  As we removed each layer we found more items to help tell the story from the past.  Next we made Stone Age pots, in the Stone Age way.  Rather messy!  Finally, Julian demonstrated flint napping and made us our very own spear heads to keep.

“It was amazing.” Poppy

“I loved making the pots and getting mucky.” Mac


Fossil Festival


This term we started off our topic with a visit to the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival. 

The children had the opportunity to investigate real dinosaur bones, pan for shark teeth, looked at all the exhibits including a working volcano, met Mary Anning and made up songs to be included in a workshop.

As usual the children were behaved impeccably in a very busy marquee and were a credit to the school.   The children had really great time and came back to class buzzing ready to start their topic.



Tri Golf Competition – We win again!!!!

A very excited and proud Mrs Meek came into school this morning jumping with joy at the success of the Tri Golf team from the Year 4’s, who played against other local schools in a competition at Colfox School. The children performed extremely well, worked incredibly hard and won the cup for the second year running!  This means that they will now being going onto the area final in June! WHOOP WHOOP!