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Autumn 2 - The Run Up To CHRISTMAS!!!


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 Week 1 - 2nd November 

This week in PE, Class 4 have started the term with a new sport to Symondsbury, Mini Lacrosse.  The children really enjoyed the first lesson this week learning the skills of throwing and catching the ball. We will not be playing the full version, but learning the basic skills and adapting it to be Covid secure. 

In literacy, we have started Miss Prentice and mine favourite story genera, spooky stories, using the story of Alma.  Already the children have collected great words to set them up for writing their own spooky tale in a few weeks’ time.

We celebrated Fireworks Night by creating some fireworks painting using printing.



Autumn 2020

 Welcome back.  It is so great to see you!

What a great first week we have had.  It has been so lovely to have the classroom filled with laughter again.  We are all settling into the new routines and looking forward to the term to come.

In our first week, we have created our own Julian Opi inspired self-portraits which are displayed in the classroom.  They definitely brighten up the room.  They are all amazing.

This half term we have ......

Made Soup, rolls and apple crumble - Thank you to Morrisons for donating the ingredients..


The Traditional Colmers Hill Run - which was not at Colmers due to the mud!!!


What a busy week we have had in Class 4. We completed our science topic of Space with some, not so successful rockets. But it was great fun. Learnt about the phases of the moon with the help of some tasty treats.  We painted our own version of what the planets Neptune, Mars and Venus looked like using the music of Holt as inspiration. And we walked up Colmers Hill for Autumn inspiration and to star in some drone footage for a whole school project.   Next week, our last week of the first half term will be even busier.  


Geography -

 Celebrating our work

We took our Geography projects into the playground to celebrate our hard work.  We have spent the last few days studying the similarities and differences between Symondsbury and Death Valley.  The children made posters to present their findings, which we shared with each other.  





Out and about in the village


In PE - Hoop Hockey

Due to the restrictions of COVID, we have invented a game called Hoop Hockey to practice our skills in the team sport of hockey!  The rules are, score against your opponents by passing the ball to your team players.  All players are in hoops that they are not allowed to move or move out of.  It’s a fast paced game with lots of excitement and we love it.



It has been another busy week in Class 4.  In literacy, we have been looking for fantastic words to describe food. So we tried a verity of snacks.  Some got to try foods they had never eaten before, celery was not a favourite.


In PE we are learning about health and fitness.  We had great fun in our first circuit session.  



Class Letters

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