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Autumn 2022

Welcome to Class 2's page.

Please click here to see our Curriculum Information Leaflet and Autumn Welcome Letter for this term.

Week 7- 

 Class 2, we are so proud of all the work you have achieved this half term. You have all learned and developed so much in just a few short weeks and that was evident in your amazing fab finish last Friday. 

This week we visited Washingpool Farm and had a wonderful time learning about where our food comes from. We fed chickens and pigs; saw the cows in the barn; watched the way they sort potatoes for the shop and animal food. We were really interested in seeing how the machine worked and looking for produce ready to be harvested. 
"The chickens were nice and then I saw some pigs. We gave them some food."- A
"I loved seeing what grows on the farm." - Loki
We also enjoyed harvesting our own potatoes this week. Year 2s had planted them back in the Spring and we dug up plenty of tasty potatoes from our vegetable patch this week. While Year 2s were at swimming, Year 1s had the pleasure of making their very own potato wedges ready to share with the rest of the class. They really enjoyed smelling and picking the spices to add flavour to their wedges!

Week 6-

At forest school this week the Year 1s were excellent fire safety experts and helped Miss Tattershall remember how to stay safe in the forest when lighting and using a fire. They then had the opportunity to make baked chocolate bananas to share at the end of the session. Every child tried them and most thought they were very tasty.

Class 2 2022 Autumn Week 6


Wow Class 2! What a busy week we have had. We have been creating tissue paper planets and reflecting on all of the things we have learned this half term as we practise our presentation for today's Fab Finish.... and what an exciting day it has been!

The children arrived this morning to find the classroom had been transformed into 'Symondsbury Space Station' and a very special visitor had been to visit in the night. After collecting all the evidence, we decided that Neil Armstrong himself had been to help Grandma and Zac (our class puppets) to visit the moon! We have also had lots of fun tasting astronaut food- I think ice cream that never melts was a hit! Thank you to Firepot for the generous donation of dehydrated food including bolognaise for our very own astronauts! We've also carried out various team building activities such as 'don't lose a team mate obstacle race', where we had to keep hold of each other while completing the course to stop any astronauts floating away; attempting to build a space station out of newspaper big enough for us to sit inside (still a work in progress!) and finally, performing songs, stories and facts to our grown-ups for our presentation this afternoon. Well Done Class 2, we are all so proud of you!

"I was brave and I loved seeing Mummy when we did our show for the grown ups!"- Lennon

"I liked showing my artwork"- Reuben

"I was nervous to start, but I actually really enjoyed it!"- Caspar

"I loved looking for clues when Neil Armstrong came to school"- Louis

Class 2 Fab Finish Space


Week 5-

In Class 2 we have been exploring the planets and moon by creating our own pieces of art focusing closely on a small section of a planet’s surface. We’ve thought about the shapes, colours and textures we can see and used oil pastels, chalk and charcoal to recreate what we could see. At forest school this week we couldn’t head to the forest because of the high winds. However, that didn’t stop us having fun at Simene Fields. We collected leaves, conkers and acorns and used them in many creative ways. Some of us did wax rubbings, some created leaf prints or their own “leaf man” and others enjoyed searching for more treasures. We are getting so good at identifying the trees that different leaves and natural treasures come from. Well done Year 1!

Class 2 2022 Autumn Week 5


Week 4- 

In Class 2 this week we have continued with our learning about Neil Armstrong and his life. We have been blown away with some of the writing children have produced and can't wait to share our work with you at our Fab Finish on Friday 14th October (more information to come home about this next week!). In maths we have been thinking about comparing numbers, those greater than and less than signs can be quite tricky! Next week is World Spare Week (perfect timing!) so we are really looking forward to developing our art techniques as we use oil pastels, chalk and charcoal to create some planet art, embarking on a space adventure and learning all about our solar system!

Week 3-

Class 2 have been very busy this week. We have been writing a question and answer interview with Neil Armstrong, working with number lines up to 100, learning about the continents of the world (check Class Dojo for a song to practise!) and today we celebrated everything apples! We all had the opportunity to bake apple crumbles (they smell delicious!), painted apples and even wrote our own poems- only after tasting a variety of apples to inspire our descriptions!


Forest School with the Year 1s this week was full of creativity and play. Children foraged for blackberries and crushed them to make their own paint. They used the paint to decorate pieces of fabric to make flags. The also used sandstone, mud and charcoal to make other coloured natural paints. Some children also enjoyed making a museum of natural treasures, tree climbing, chilling in hammocks and den building.



Week 2- 

In Class 2 this week we have been settling into our routines and getting to know each other better by thinking of questions to ask each other using our '5 Ws'. In Maths we've been thinking about counting on and partitioning two digit numbers. Also, as part of our Geography we went on an adventure around Symondsbury practising our mapwork. We were able to label road names, the church and the river. I wonder if you can spot any geographical features on a map at home..
This week also saw the return of swimming for Year 2 and Forest School for Year 1. Such a busy week and its only Week 2!! 


Week 1- 

It has been so great to see the children in Class 2 come into school this week with so much energy and enthusiasm to learn. We have been getting to know each other and talking about our summer holiday. In Literacy we have been learning to ask and write questions. Encourage us to think of questions we might want to find answers to based around our new topic. We can't wait to get started with this next week. 

Well Done on such a great start Class 2!