Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

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Construction Challenge Club

Construction Challenge club takes place after school on a Tuesday, with Mrs Wills.

So far we have been challenged to build the witch from Room on the Broom a brand new, truly, magnificent flying machine!  We had some brilliant creations, making sure there was room for a cauldron and of course her cat!

Last week we thought the bear from Whatever Next could do with some help to build a better rocket.  The best rockets had room for a picnic!  

Today's Challenge

As it is Christmas Book Week this week, we thought we had better have a Christmas themed Construction Club too.  We read 'Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present'.  Poor Father Christmas had a really tough job getting to the top of Roly-Poly mountain where Harvey lives.  Our challenge was to make a machine for Father Christmas to get to the top of Roly-Poly Mountain.

Have a look at our wonderful machines!


Today's Challenge

Today we have looked at famous landmarks and structures around the world and had a go at re-creating them ourselves.  There were some tricky shapes but the children did very well!

   Luke and Kyle's 'Stonehenge'.

  L'Arc de Triomphe

  An Egyptian Pyramid .. very tricky!

  The Eiffel Tower

  Another Stonehenge

  Big Ben - I love how you have added the clock!



Today's Challenge

Fairytales were our theme for today.  We thought about the giants castle in Jack and the Beanstalk and Sleeping Beauty's Palace.  Could we build these characters a super castle or palace?  Have a look at our wonderful buildings!


A moving palace to get away from the Bad Fairy with space for the unicorn!


A palace with space for the unicorns and even a special place for treats!

A palace with a bed for Sleeping Beauty.

A castle, nice and tall for the Giant!

A palace with extra space for the unicorns and horses.  This palace even has its own railway line arriving at it! 

Today's Challenge 

We read Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish and set about building our own dinosaurs and rockets.  Dinosaurs weren't very easy but we didn't give up!

    A rocket for the man to come back to earth in.


  A  dinosaur with a long neck and four legs!

  Dinosaurs named Derek and Dave!

  I wouldn't like to meet this dinosaur out and about!

  Our only 'swimming' dinosaur, with spikes on it's back.


Today's Challenge

Today we read Mr Gumpy's Motor Car.  We decided that his car wasn't really big enough for all those animals and our challenge was to build a better one!  It  had to be big enough for all the animals and Mr Gumpy!

Have a look at some of our models...