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At Symondsbury we aim to develop a love of reading as well as enabling children to become confident, enthusiastic readers themselves.  Across the school, children in all classes enjoy daily storytimes, being read to by an adult.  We choose high quality texts that represent a diverse range of characters, introduce us to inspirational people and raise awareness of important topics and issues such as the environment.  The opportunity for 'Booktalk' around our stories helps children to develop their understanding and promotes discussion.

 Our youngest children begin their journey towards reading by taking part in the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised phonics scheme.  Children are explicitly taught the phonemes and the skill of blending which enables them to begin reading.  They then read books matched to their phonic ability.  

After completing our Little Wandle phonics programme, children move onto the Accelerated Reader Scheme which ensures that comprehension skills are developed alongside the skills of word reading.  They take a quiz after finishing their book (which is matched to their learning needs) to further develop their understanding of the text.  They move up levels when the class teams feel that they are ready, when they have shown good understanding of the texts that they are reading.

Key Stage 2 children take part in Whole Class and Group Guided Reading sessions to develop fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary as well as developing the skills of reasoning and making predictions.

Classes have a class book which is read to them to develop their love and exposure to text further.



At Symondsbury we want children to become confident, creative writers able to write in a range of styles and for a range of audiences.

 We understand how important it is for young children to be physically ready to write and there is much emphasis on this in Reception as well as giving the children many opportunities to make meaningful marks in their play.  The children are supported in small groups to write for a variety of purposes, linked to our stories and our experiences.  

Class 2 continue to build on the foundations of writing taught in Class 1 by introducing children to different styles of writing linked to their topics and key texts.

We take Key Stage 2 children on a writer's journey to further develop their writing skills.  Firstly, children are exposed to particular genre where they explore and develop an understanding of the key features and techniques.  Next, we provide children with a purposeful and exciting writing stimulus which promotes and encourages creativity.  They explore and record their ideas through drafting, editing and proofreading, honing their skills through focussed teacher feedback.  Finally, children present their completed work before being challenged to compose their own independent piece of writing on the studied genre.

We teach the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar and work towards embedding these skills in our writing.


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