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Class 1 

Class One have been loving getting into the spirit of Christmas. They are still enjoying flicking through and cutting out pictures from the toy catalogue and writing their own Christmas cards. Making decorations and decorating and redecorating the Christmas tree. We are loving singing Christmas songs and getting ready to sing at Symondsbury Estate this afternoon. We hope to see many parents there. It is getting very chilly outside now, which has led to lots of ice, the children are fascinated by it and have been enjoying finding out where the ice comes from and what happens to it. We will explore this more next week in the classroom.  

Class 1 had a lovely walk all the way to the top of Colmers Hill this week!  There was lots to talk about on our walk up, the leaves, the water, the view and we could spot all sorts of things from the top like the school, the church, the road to Chideock! We also collected some pinecones and found that they opened up if we left them on the radiator.  This led us to discover the secret seeds inside a pinecone! 

 The children are loving opening the advent calendar each day. On the 1st December it was kindness day. We had some amazing acts of kindness, hugs, pictures drawn for each other, personal notes made for the whole class and chocolates brought in and handed out. It has been really lovely to see. 

Class 2 

Class 2 have been busy this week learning all about shapes. They could remember lots from their tessellation workshop in maths week but can now describe and name 2D shapes, counting the sides and vertices too. 

We’re feeling very festive in Class 2 at the moment. This afternoon we have been over to the Symondsbury Estate Christmas Fair to sing some informal Christmas songs and Miss T is so proud of your performance. 

We’re all very excited to see what comes up in our Christmas Countdown each day, and can’t wait to dress like candy canes on Monday!  

Class 3 

I'm not quite sure where this week has gone, it has flown by in a flash! We have been very busy, learning our times tables, discovering a fun new spellings app and on Wednesday had an incredible Geology day. We made the Earth, cut it open to find the centre of the Earth, made ammonites, wrote all about the story of a fossil and investigated rocks. In between all of this we have been busy practising for our Christmas production. Rest your voices this weekend Class 3! 

Class 4 

Where has this week gone!  The cast of The Magical Christmas Jigsaw have been busy with rehearsals, in-between learning about ratio and an independent writing piece about the Titanic.   

We are on the last rehearsals for the Christmas, you are all in for an absolute treat.  

Class 1 

Class 1 are starting to get Christmassy, we have listened to the Christmas story and found out that Jesus was born on Christmas day. The children have been loving looking through toy magazines and showing each other what they already have and would like, so watch out for their lists of presents they would like for Christmas 😁. We are also starting to sing some Christmas songs and really get into the Christmas spirit.

The children have been working really hard learning new digraphs (two letters which make one sound) and sounding and blending them within words. They are incredible! Keep sharing books at home and really talking about what is happening in the book and why. Have a lovely weekend. 

Class 2 

In Class 2 this week we have been working hard on addition and subtraction, using lots of different methods. Miss T and Mrs Edney have been so proud of how the children have worked together to problem solve and teach each other new skills. We have been using saws to cut up our wood for our DT project of making a traditional toy and hopefully can start moving onto the next stage of design and construction soon. 

In RE we looked at a variety of Christmas cards, talking about how some of them represent elements of the Christmas story and some show other Christmas traditions. We had a big discussion about who has already started decorating their houses for the festive time of year, which inspired us to make paper chains to brighten up the classroom. The children have been delightful to work with this week and we can't wait to see what next week brings! 

Class 3 

Another fun packed week in school this week. We explored the properties of different rocks on Monday as well as keeping one eye on the football. We have been busy practising our songs and dances for the Christmas production - the class all sound superb and we have some rather groovy dancers too! On Wednesday, the Woodland Wanderers got rather soggy at forest school but it was all great fun and we are finishing the week practising our times tables for a times tables World Cup competition! Please remember to send the children in with their costumes by next Thursday and don't forget to buy tickets for the Christmas Production. 

Class 4 

A Titanic day! We have had a great day - writing postcards, working on ratio, problem solving in 

lifeboats and sampling sweet treats from each class.  We were treated to Daisy playing Nearer my God to thee on her violin during the day which was amazing. 

The outfits are amazing, everyone dressed up as a passenger and we looked at diversity and discrimination during this time! It was a great way to start bringing our topic to an end.