Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England

Class 1 - Trip to Axe Valley Wildlife Park

Class 1 had a fantastic time at Axe Valley Wildlife Park today.  We had an animal handling session where we held some millipedes, a tortoise, a bearded dragon and a snake!  The children were so brave and very gentle and careful with these special creatures.  We learnt about where they live in the wild and what they like to eat.  We had some important jobs to do in the park.  We fed the meerkats and went guinea pig fishing.

There was lots of time to explore the park and the other animals.  We loved seeing the wolves and the bright pink flamingos.  We saw the monkeys climbing around their enclosure and the porcupines being fed.

There was also a bit of time for the park!

A great day out!