Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

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Class 4 Talking bees with Dorset Council

Following our letters that we sent to Dorset Council earlier in the year, we had a visit from the Green Spaces Team to discuss the issues and learn more about what Dorset Council are doing to support bees and other pollinators on our county.

We learnt a great deal, including that Dorset is a beacon for wildlife and has councils from all over the world contacting them to see how they can follow the amazing things that are happening here.  We were told (and given) a packet of wild flower seeds that Dorset Council have collected to spread in our school and in our own gardens to help pollinators even more. 

We are having a sign writing competition about being more bee friendly and the winning poster will have the design made up by the council.

After our workshop, we were then able to show off what we have achieved in looking after the bees.  A group of children, who have completed the bee course, took the Dorset Team around the school to show them what we do and then down to look at our hives.  They were incredibly impressed with all the work that we, as a school have done, and the questions that were asked.

A fabulous project that we have all enjoyed being part of.