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You, me, us, everyone – We are a school that believe we have the power to change the world!’

‘The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.

So it is with the body of Christ.’

(Corinthians 12:12)


Dear Parents/Carers 

Newsletter 41 – 10th July 2020 

What a strange week it has been as we prepare for the summer holidays and turn our thoughts to our Leavers in Year 6 and our new Reception Class in September and all children returning to school.

Please find attached a new version of our School Booklet with all the information that we have for you so far!

We will be updating the booklet next week once we have more information and staff have had some time to prepare their classrooms so that I can add some photos which will hopefully help and the children understand what school will look like in September. 

A Very Special Celebration Zoom With The Whole School and Mrs Roberts – Next Thursday 16th July at 11.30am 

One of the things that I have missed most has been our whole school assemblies and gathering all of the children together so next Thursday we will holding a Whole School Celebration Assembly!! The children who are in school will watch from class but please, please join us if you are at home with your children or even if your children are at school and new parents for September – you are welcome to join us too!

We will have some surprises and awards and a much-missed celebration Symondsbury style! A Zoom invitation will be emailed to you next week. 


On the 20th March the life of our school turned upside down as we entered a (apologies for the phrase!) ‘New Normal’.  As we said goodbye to our children and families at the end of the year, never did we imagine that it would be September before we welcome you all back into school again.

I know that there have been so many things that we have all missed but I am also so proud of each and every one of you who have achieved so much in these past few months. 

I am proud of all of the children who have coped so brilliantly (even when they have found it so difficult) and have done some work at home, maybe learnt new skills and have grown so much.

I am proud of all of the parents who have become teachers in lockdown – I know how challenging it will have been and you should be proud of every step (even the smallest ones) that you have taken with your children.

I am proud of our staff who have, once again, gone over and above for our children, dealt with a new way of supporting learning, bubbles, guidance and Zooms! All with a spring in their step and a smile of their face! 

So here are some things that you have sent in to share what you are proud of and a few from us too… 

Sylvie’s our Dancing Queen!

Sylvie has been doing a LOT of ballet - various classes and workshops. This was at the beginning of lockdown. 

Wow! Well done Sylvie – I look forward to you teaching me some moves in September! Mrs Roberts 

Super Sisters!

I am most proud of how well these two adjusted to the changes during lockdown. They have taken it all in their stride, and their relationship with each other has really flourished over the last few weeks which has been lovely to see. 

What a fabulous picture – we miss those lovely smiles! Well done girls!

Kiera’s Splendid Sunflower!

Keira has been watering her sunflower day andnight and it is the biggest sunflower she has ever grown.

Wow ! What a fantastic Achievement Kiera – that’s nearly as tall as the tree! 

Martha’s Champion Showjumping! 

Martha is proud of this – something she has achieved during lockdown. 

Martha – I am in awe of you! What an amazing feat to have achieved during this lockdown – you look super professional and so confident. You horse is stunning – I’m very jealous! 

Riley is a Scooter Star! 

I am most proud of all the new scooter tricks I have learnt. 

Fantastic! A brilliant picture too!! Well done Riley! 

Miles’ Bike Riding Skills! 

I am most proud of learning how to ride a bike without stabilisers 

Miles – that is brilliant. Taking stabilisers off takes lots of courage and determination – well done! 

Poppy’s Musical Talents 

'I am most proud of learning new songs on my fife and working hard at it. I am also grateful for my family.' – Poppy 

Goodness – you look so grown up Poppy! I look forward to hearing you play

when we are all back at school and we can fill the school with music again!

Oscar’s Been Keeping Busy and Active! 

'I am most proud of keeping fit and healthy by walking, cycling and scooting throughout lockdown.' - Oscar

Fantastic Oscar! I have loved seeing all that you have been getting up to during these past few months.  We are really going to miss that positive ‘Can do’ attitude in September but know that your new school is very lucky to have you. 

Miss Prentice New Skills & Eti’s Brave Haircut! 

I'm proud of my first ever haircut and I'm proud of Eti allowing me to go near his hair and sitting still for what must have felt like hours.  The verdict was "it's decent Mum"  No child or adult were injured during the process!


Miss Prentice and Eti 

Well done both of you – I think you were both very brave. There is no way my son would let me anywhere near his hair! He has seen photos of when I attempted to cut Holly’s fringe when she was two!

Eti – you look so grown up here – can’t wait to see you again in September! 

Fred’s Amazing Achievements! 

I am super proud that I can now ride my bike AND tie my shoelaces! 

Well done Fred! You should be super proud – these are all part of growing up and will make you even ready for coming back to school in September! 

Alex’s Super Bike Riding! 

Alex learnt to ride his bike, without stabilisers!

Wow Alex – Well done! I am absolutely loving your wheels and helmet! You have your very own Batmobile! I am super proud of how much you have grown during your time at school and know that you are so ready for September. 

Lucy & Franklin are Super Surfers! 

"We're most proud of playing and working together" 

Oh my goodness – you two are amazing! And just look at those smiles. You obviously love being in the water – fantastic! 

Luke’s Been Taking Super Care of Podrick! 

Luke said he is proud of taking responsibility for our dog Podrick in lockdown, he has been feeding him, giving him water and taking him out in the morning and evening when needed. 

Everyone needs a doggie friend – and it looks like you’ve got a great friend in Podrick, Luke. Well done for showing your responsible side too. Love the name!

Henry is such a Fab Big Brother! 

“I am most proud of my brother, Louis. We have done so many fun things together in lockdown.” 

What an amazing thing to be proud of your little brother – well done Henry. I am sure that he is very proud of his big brother too – we certainly are! 

Mia’s Got So Much To Be Proud Of. 

Mia says her proudest moments during lockdown have been learning to ride her bike without stabilisers, learning how to cartwheel & going back to school!

My goodness Mia – you’ve been so busy! How on earth have you fitted it all in? Well done for all your achievements and not forgetting being a super tennis player too! 

Special Sisters and a Proud Mum! 

Mummy is very proud of how amazing well the Pape's have coped in lock down, especially when mummy leaves at 5.30am to go to work a few times a week. I'm particularly proud of how much cycling we have been doing. This is a photograph of our 5 mile bike ride in Devon.  

Well done girls – how lucky you are to have each other and it is lovely to see you play together at school. Well done for supporting Mum and being such superstars! 

Mia’s Mammoth Bike Ride! 

Hi Mia’s proudest achievement in lockdown riding her bike without stabilisers, her longest bike ride has been 6 miles and she still wanted

to keep going !! Her energy never runs out 😂😂 

My goodness Mia – what an achievement. I miss that boundless energy and can’t wait to see you very soon! 

Alice’s Safe Culinary Skills 

Alice achieved safe independent cooking skills.  

Yummy! Well done Alice. That is a fantastic life skill and with your creative streak we could see you on Masterchef in years to come! Fab! 

Mrs Maggs Has Been Creative! 

I am proud of many things, mostly my children's adaptability during this time. I think the picture that best sums up our creativity and how our house has been transformed into a learning hub is the dining table. This was pristine in March, the photo was taken in May and it looks considerably worse now! But the house and garden are now full of all kinds of crazy contraptions, pictures and gadgets we have loved making.

This is brilliant Mrs Maggs – I’m sure you had lots of fun making memories! 

Charlotte’s Bike Riding Achievement! 

Charlotte learnt to ride her bike all by herself!

Charlotte – this is fab – well done. You look so determined but also like you are having lots of fun!

Joliffe’s Beautiful Birds

Here is a photo of one of Joliffe's birds. He's done a collection of them over lockdown and this is just one, a bullfinch. Joliffe – this beautiful. Keep up your drawing – you obviously have a true skill for it. 

Lotte’s Green-Fingered Skills! 

Hello! As Lotte's mum I've been  very proud of the help  in our new garden cutting down trees digging up the roots bucket after buckets of weeds x

Fantastic Lotte! Gardening is really hard work so you have really done yourself proud. Keep it up, enjoy some sunshine and continue to make us and your mum proud! 

Gardening and Cooking – Just like The Good Life! 

I am proud of coping well during lockdown.  I've been learning to cook and to garden. It's a tough time but with family, love and laughter we can get through anything - even Corona! 

What a fantastically positive outlook you have. This weill certainly serve you well in the future Leila and we miss that at Symondsbury. 

Joel’s Amazing Stunt Riding! 

Picture of Joel learning to wheelie a dirt bike, nothing for world peace or saving the planet, but something he is immensely proud of doing!

Wow! This is amazing Joel –what a fantastic skill to have worked on during lockdown. I love watching the Speedway and can only imagine how exciting it must be to have mastered a wheelie! 

Immy’s a Dragonfly Lifesaver! 

“I am most proud of when I saved my dragonfly’s life when my kitten hurt its wing. He was called Diamond! I kept him safe in the butterfly house and he stayed for a while then learned to fly again.” From Imogen 

What a kind and caring young lady you are! Well done Immy on saving this butterfly. 

Miss Tattershall’s Been Busy in the Garden! 

“I am really proud that we have managed to grow many of our own fruits and vegetables this year. So far we have enjoyed lettuces, radishes, cucumbers and cherries- with many more soon to be ready to harvest!” Miss Tattershall

 These look delicious – well done! 

Connor’s Been Caring for the Animals. 

Connor has been my regular dog walking buddy. Not only does he walk Chester he seems to have a huge love for animals, mainly dogs!!!!! Maybe a vet one day!!

I firmly believe in the power of having a four legged friend Connor and walking the dogs can be really good for us. Well done – looks like lots of fun too! 

Amaya’s a Fabulous Film-Maker! 

“I am most proud of learning to make and edit my own cat videos”!

Wow! Well done Amaya. I know how long filming and editing these videos can take and you’ve been working on sound too – fantastic! 

Mrs Swift’s Rope Swinging Bravery! 

‘With some heights making me very dizzy I was very brave and proud when the kids insisted I swing out on this rope swing!’ 

Brilliant! I’m very impressed – you are braver than me! 

Mrs Teasdale is a Star Baker! 

I spent lockdown trying to bake the perfect loaf.  I was very proud of this one and it tasted delicious! Looks yummy!  

Harvey’s Been a Daring Rider! 

Hello 👋 

Harvey learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers and tested out the skate ramps. He was very proud indeed! 

Fantastic job Harvey and you look super proud! That looks very high up so you must be very brave! 

Belle & Freddie’s Pizza Perfection! 

Belle and Freddie learnt to cook pizza from scratch and they were sooo yummy!!!

How we have missed those smiles! It is great to see you guys working together and learning new skills – Fantastico! 

Jule’s Fantastic Cycling & Fundraising 

At the very beginning of lockdown Jules decided to take his stabilisers off his bike. By the end of April Jules had clocked up over 50 miles on his bike earning himself a Race the Distance medal. His small contribution to completing his own personal Race the Distance challenge for the NHS has meant that collectively the virtual challenge raised over £50,000 FOR NHS Charities Trust. 

Wow Jules – this is amazing! Learning a new skill AND raising money for the NHS…What a star you are! 

Etta’s Been Arty & Creative During Lockdown. 

Etta was often found drawing and painting during lockdown. 

I love this Etta – what a fantastic way to express your creativity during lockdown. Keep it up over the summer – I’d love one of your pictures on my office wall… 

James’ Fab Lockdown Achievements 

James: I am most proud of the artwork I have done during lockdown and the comic book I wrote about one of my owls.  I am also proud of keeping up my piano lessons on Skype and going for a long walk every single day, even through nettles and brambles and on rainy days and baking hot days - every single day!!!! 

Oh my goodness – you have been so busy! Well done James. Can’t wait to hear more about it in September! 

Henry Has Been Busy This Lockdown! 

Henry: I am most proud of the sunflower I grew from seed - it is a lot taller than me now and it's stem is really really thick. Caterpillars have tried to eat some of the leaves but it is much too big and strong now for them.  I am proud of my pointillism picture of our garden and my summer beach picture. Also the dances I have choreographed and being allowed to go out for a morning run to the playing field by myself to keep fit.  I have also read lots and lots of books - I love everything by Erin Hunter and I am proud that I have earned money by gardening and washing the car to buy as many of them as possible.  I also loved reading The Hunger Games trilogy and am proud that they are quite long books but I read them all really quickly. 

Henry – I cannot say I am surprised that you have been avidly reading this lockdown but to earn money to buy books? Simply brilliant! Well done. I might give the Hunger Games a go over the summer too. 

Faith & Summer’s Secret Den!

We built a swing and den (with a little help) at the bottom of our garden over the stream, we love it there as it’s not for grown ups it’s our place! This sounds and looks absolutely perfect! Your own little haven of tranquillity and fun! I think we all need one of these! 

Sebastian’s Historical Adventures! 

We spent a day learning about the Iron Age. We made Iron Age weapons and in the afternoon we ‘invaded’ the hill fort at Eggardon Hill! 

What a perfect and creative way to learn all about history Sebastian! We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place and I’m so glad to see you outside enjoying it! Well done. 

Izak and Ezekiel Have Been Enjoying the Outdoors 

Izak and Ezekiel have been enjoying the outdoors – cycling, time on the beach and long walks.

Thank you for all of your lovely pictures boys – it was difficult to choose from all the fab things you have been doing. I look forward to seeing you both and hearing more about your adventures! 

Charlie & George are Lockdown Superstars! 

We are proud of how these two have coped during lockdown. And I can see why… how grown up you guys are getting!   And still smiling… 

Riley’s Road Ready! 

Riley Aldom from class 2 is very proud he can now use his hands confidently on his bike to signal if he is going left or right when he goes on bike rides!

Brilliant Riley – we will watch out for you on the roads now! Keep up the hard work. 

Marlowe’s Kickboxing Award! 

Marlowe has achieved his red belt over lockdown! This is fantastic Marlowe – well done! A fantastic art to learn and sport to play. 

Maddie’s Marvellous Junk Town. 

Here is a picture of Maddie’s proudest achievement-  junk town! 

I love this Maddie – so creative and looks like there are hours of fun to be had playing with it! Well done. 

Eliza’s Stunning Story Writing Skills! 

Eliza’s proudest achievement was her story ‘Karfoos Kingdom’ which she has previously sent in. 

I loved that story Eliza – it has been wonderful to see you explore your creative writing skills – can’t wait to see more of that in September! 

Izzy & Hayden Have Made Us All Very Proud! 

"I am most proud of how amazing these two have been. How well they have coped throughout lockdown. Having both parents working they have helped us in so many ways. Izzy is grown up beyond her years. She has been cooking dinner, washing up, made beds, hung washing out the list goes on. Hayden has tried so hard with his reading and school work. (most days!) We have enjoyed adventure days, happy days, movie days, grumpy I hate maths days, missing our friends days, no set bedtime days, skipping school and going to the beach days but most of all made amazing memories in a very different few months.  

I heard a parent talk before lockdown about how this is a piece of our history and I am so proud of how you have grown together and made the most of this time together. Well done! 

Sara’s Marvellous Macramé! 

Her macrame! She is learning how to tie different knots make wall hangings and friendship bracelets.  

What a beautiful piece of macramé. You’ll have to show us this technique at school so we can make some patterns with it. Well done Sara!

Lilly-Ann’s Super Bike Riding With Gears! 

I’m most proud of learning to ride my new bike with gears.

I have seen you riding when you visited our community library – you were doing a fab job and it is even more challenging with gears! Well done Lilly-Ann! 

Harry’s Premier League Experience! 

Dad and I went to our first premier league football match. We watched one of the last games to kick off before lock down. And we won. ⚽

I am so glad you got to experience this before lockdown, Harry. I got to visit Anfield years ago and can remember the atmosphere. This will be a special memory for you and your dad for always.

Lexi & Ollie’s Perfect Puppies 

I know you guys have worked so hard looking after your new puppies and are super proud of these gorgeous little bundles of fun! Well done!

Ruby’s Been Beekeeping! 

We are very proud of Ruby taking responsibility in looking after our chickens and how much she has learnt about beekeeping.

Wow Ruby – you look fab! What an amazing experience this has been for you. Perhaps you can bring us in some honey and eggs in September. Very proud of you! 

Daniel’s Been Keeping Fit With Joe! 

Sending photos of Daniel as he has done every single P. E session with Joe Wicks, hasn't missed one! We'll done Daniel!

Fantastic Daniel! I did try and couldn’t get past the first couple of lessons! You certainly are a workout winner! 

Mollie’s Been Busy Looking After Her Huskies!

Mollie is really proud of helping a lady walk her huskies through lockdown. This is Mollie and Skye who she walks 4 days a week and has been invited to try urban mushing this winter which she is very excited about.

What beautiful dogs Mollie and I’m so proud of how you have learnt how to look after them. I can’t wait to hear more about your urban mushing!! 

Miss J’s Proud of Her Blueberries! 

My first ever crop of blueberries! These look delicious Miss J – I see a batch of blueberry muffins coming??

Mrs Edney’s Been Baking! 

I’ve been busy baking and made some yummy sausage rolls! Mrs Edney – these look lovely! I’d have to eat the whole lot! 

Amelie & Poppy’s Creativity Shining Through! 

Hi there, 

This is our photo of our lockdown achievement... 

We have been doing a lot of drawing and made some amazing cards! This was our father's day card to Grandad 😁

Thank you and see you very soon x 

Our lovely creative girls… we have missed your energy and enthusiasm these past few months and can’t wait to see you again in September! 

Brooke’s Been Celebrating Her Lovely Artwork 

I am proud because I worked so hard making things and drawing pictures in lockdown. This is one of the pictures I made. Brilliant work Brooke. I am very proud of the way you have coped at school and always with a huge smile!

Eli’s Enjoying Lots of Drawing! 

I am proud because I spent a long time on this picture.  It has lots of my favourite cars in it.

Well done Eli – I’m looking forward to seeing some more lovely pictures in September! 

Miss Wakefield’s 

I am proud because I got up early enough to swim at sunrise on the longest day of the year! I've never done that before. Wow! That is just amazing! Well done you!

Rosa’s Super Cycling! 

I am proud because I cycled the Symondsbury loop on my mountain bike for the first time.  I even cycled up the really steep hill.

Brilliant Rosa – what a fantastic achievement! You should be super proud! 

Felix’s Fabulous Swimming! 

I am proud because I have improved my swimming during lockdown.  My biggest challenge was swimming all the way from West Bay to Freshwater Beach.  It was hard but really fun.  This picture is when we had finished at Freshwater.

Wow Felix! This is truly fantastic and that must have been such hard work! Well done you! 

Saul’s Been a Brilliant Big Brother! 

This photo shows Saul with his little sister Scarlet. She has been with Saul constantly throughout this time and rarely leaves him alone. She adores him and wants to be just like him. All this attention from your little sister can be difficult to tolerate at times especially when she destroys his lego builds or breaks something or when he just wants time alone with his sister.  

Saul has made a huge effort to do his school work even though his sister is constantly disturbing him whilst he is trying to work. I think he has made a great achievement in applying himself to learning (and his lego) and to being a really kind and and loving big brother throughout lockdown.  

He has been a wonderful big brother and has given his sister lots of attention and been (mostly) patient with her and I am extremely proud of this achievement. Well done Saul – I am not surprised that your mum is so proud! So are we! 

Lauren’s Beautiful Horse Riding! 

Lauren has been enjoying time with her horse – even on the way to and from school!

I was completely in awe seeing you ride your horse home from school. What an amazing thing to be able to do with such confidence and skill. Well done you! 

Harry’s Been Busy on His Bike! 

Harry’s been enjoying time on his motorbike!

Harry – this is brilliant! What a fantastic skill to be able to have! I can just imagine you haring around the farm – fab! 

Miss Turner & Ralph!

One of the things I achieved and enjoyed during lockdown was getting out with Ralphy and finding new walks for him around Bridport. This was taken at Watton hill and I felt like I was on Top of the world, Beautiful!

Sounds perfect! 

A story by Eliza

Karfoo’s Kingdom


Last week a chief monkey called Karfoo who was big and bulky, and had very dark brown fur, spotted a small hole in the sky blue fence which belonged to the posh 5-star hotel. Later, Karfoo told the rest of his troop.   Now, Karfoo lives in a forest of palm trees the same size as 3 giant football pitches right next to the 5 Star hotel and their main aim was to get inside and take over.

The next day Karfoo and his family (not the troop) went into the luxury hotel. Karfoo told his family to stay near the wooden fence. Then suddenly Karfoo made a massive jump and dived straight into the shimmering pool right next to a young lady. Suddenly she let out a piercing shriek and 7 bellboys came running to the rescue with damp mops and long brooms and dusty dusters in their hands and started shooing Karfoo out. He ran back through the hole, which the bell boys saw and patched up. Soon Karfoo returned to the troop and said “I did not achieve the mission. However, we will try again tomorrow by swinging from the tall palm trees,” but little did Karfoo know that in the 5 o’clock news all the prime ministers declared that all hotels shut down immediately!

The next day it was very quiet, Karfoo jumped over the fence and saw no one there. He dashed back and called more families to come over. Soon the whole excited troop was over and all the monkeys started dashing to the refreshing bar, to the crystal pool, to the warm sun loungers and everywhere else. Karfoo swung over to the entrance and opened glass the door and soon enough all the monkeys were inside. Once Karfoo had entered, he found himself standing on a giant, red ruby carpet with a beautiful chandelier as a light and ancient, ornate pottery. He walked a bit further on and he found 3 enormous passageways saying; rooms 0-10, food and rooms 11-30, suddenly Karfoo dashed down the passage saying FOOD, screeching madly.

 Soon enough all the monkeys were in the food room throwing golden banana skins, chewed apple cores, tough bread crusts, sticky sweet rappers and everything else there was. Then they started tipping liquid over and leaving taps on, pulling chairs over, opening fridges and freezers and messing about with the large oven.

Then they all went to the exercise room. Karfoo turned on the spin bikes and then monkeys started to jump on and fall off as soon as they came to the end and they also picked up the heavy weights and the hula-hoops. Then Karfoo said “this is our new home so let’s go and look in our rooms.”

When they entered, they started messing up the beds and sticking clean toothbrushes in their ears and turning on the taps to the sink and bath. Downstairs was the relaxed manager. He heard loud thumps and screams and he ran upstairs. When he saw the mess and monkeys, he…           fainted. Then all the monkeys started to laugh. When the manager woke up he ran for the door. He ran down stairs and ran through the door that the monkeys came in through and fell into the pool and quickly scrambled out and jumped over the fence. Then Karfoo sat down and admired the messy state of his hotel.

My Lockdown Pride – Just Getting Through it! 

I am absolutely in awe of all of the amazing things that you have achieved and enjoyed during these past few months and I look forward to finding out more about them in September. I was trying to think of something that I have achieved and to be honest – I haven’t mastered baking or gardening or developed a new skill… There may be some of you who feel the same but we are still here – still smiling and looking forward to getting back together in September! Be proud of getting through this strange time, making the most of it and keep smiling! 

Water Safety over the summer 

Madam Hooch from Harry Potter (Zoë Wanamaker CBE) has read a water safety story for us!

 Aimed at Reception and Key Stage 1 children (although others may enjoy it), it can be found on the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service website, along with stories read by Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies and our firefighters.

 To accompany the stories you will find our Firefit challenges in the “Meet the Firefighter” videos, fun art and craft activities presented by Firefighter Paul in “Glue and Make” along with activity sheets to accompany each story.

 As we head into summer and hopefully some nice weather, children and families are likely to spend more time in or near water, and although cool and inviting water can be dangerous and unpredictable. The stories “Safe at the Seaside” and “Safe at the River” will help young children understand what they can do to help themselves stay safe, and what to do if they do get in trouble in water.

 We would be very grateful, if you are in contact with parents and carers, you shared the link to the website with them and encouraged them to listen to the stories with their children and if possible discuss the safety messages 

Class Three Summer Task 

Dear Class Three,

Over the holidays I would like you to obtain 1 shoe box, it must have a lid. Ideally it will not be too big! Can you keep your shoe box safe and bring it into school when you return in September. I would also like you to print a few photo's of things you have done in lock down and photo's of family and friends. These photo's will be stuck to the box in school.

Many thanks

Mrs Maggs and Mrs Swift 

Final request for Jigsaw pieces!

Please do not forget to complete your jigsaw piece and get it back to school by Thursday 16th July at the latest!

End of Year Reports 

Don’t forget your child’s end of year report is now available to pick up from the School Office. There will also be a pack of resources and activities to keep the children busy during the summer.  Remember to ring the School Office and we shall bring out your pack for you. 

Summer Reading Challenge

This Summer’s Reading Challenge is all about joining the ‘Silly Squad’ which looks like great fun. Here are the details on how to get involved.  Let’s see how many we can get this year! 

Have a good week – stay safe and look after each other.

With best wishes,

Mrs Emma Roberts