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            You, me, us, everyone – We are a school that believe we have the power to change the world!’

‘The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.

So it is with the body of Christ.’

(Corinthians 12:12)

Dear Parents/Carers 

Newsletter 27 – 3rd April 2020 

It seems very strange to be writing an end of term newsletter when our children are not in school!  Today we would, of course, be celebrating our Easter service filling the Church with song, dance, art and prayer to share with our school family.  Instead – we are all remembering and celebrating our Easter at home with our loved ones.  It will also be so strange not to enjoy our annual Friend’s Easter Egg Hunt up Colmers Hill.  I will really miss that!

However – in these strange days it is so important that we stay home and follow all of the guidance set out by the government in order to change that curve and then we can all look forward to seeing one another again! 

A Huge Thank You to The Staff 

I wanted to say a huge thank you to our staff who have been able to come into school on a rota basis so that we can ensure emergency childcare provision in school is in place only for the children of critical workers.  Thank you to you for not putting your child/family/household at further risk by using this facility unless absolutely necessary and not putting the health of our staff or the wider community at risk by using this facility or abusing it.  This follows guidance for schools from the government. Please stay safe, stay home and look after yourselves. This work will continue over the holidays and I am so thankful for all of the work that staff are doing both in school and at home preparing online work for the children.  There will be no additional work over Easter – it is the holidays after all! 

Ofsted Update 

I have, this week, received a draft report following our Ofsted Inspection on 10th and 11th of March.  I have returned this to Ofsted and will await the final report.  Due to the current situation Ofsted will not be publishing any reports until the children return to school as normal.  This also means we are not allowed to release it on our website. I will clarify whether I am able to release the results and email our parents a copy once I have received the report and will keep you posted! 


We have 24 followers on Twitter now which is great but as we have 70 families, it would be great to have some more! It is a fab way to keep in touch, send us a message, check out some useful links and add some of your own that you are enjoying at home. So please do get involved… I’m getting lonely talking to myself! 

Mental Health Support and Resources 

As we all know, being in isolation can be challenging. Please find attached a list of resources that you may find useful in these coming weeks. 

Flashback Friday! 

A new item in our Newsletter during this time away from school will be Flashback Friday where we will be adding an item from a previous newsletter and/or a photo from our website. 

This week we are remembering from April 5th 2019 our… 

Our Fabulous Footballers! The football team played their socks off in the Kenway Cup final on Monday night. They took worthy 2-0 lead in the game and were looking really comfortable for the victory. Sadly a two minute lack of concentration led to Greenford scoring two quick goals to send the game to extra time. We battled and battled and even hit the crossbar. But sadly Greenford again scored two quick goals to win the match 2-4. It was a brilliant final and both Phil Case and Mr White were so proud of the whole team. They wore the school shirt with pride and we couldn't ask any more of them. A massive well done to. Harry, Levi (captain), Joel, Lucas, Mollie, Joliffe, Joe, Freddie, Henry and Isaac. Special mention to Marlowe who sadly missed the match due to illness. Thank you to everyone who came and supported. 

Goodness – I can still remember the tension, excitement and pride that we all experienced at the sidelines!! 

Thank you so much to everyone for your emails of photos and descriptions of what you have all been up to at home. It has been great to see how you have been keeping busy! Here’s a little bit of news from you all… 

Hello it is Henry and James! 

We are happy doing our school work at home.  As well as Purple Mash we have been doing some maths and literacy worksheets and Mummy does us spelling tests and mental maths test a few times a week.  We are reading The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper together. We go for a walk every day and we do art.  When it is sunny we have lunch in the garden. 

Here is a pointillist picture of our garden by Henry.  And a picture of Cerberus, the three headed dog that guards the underworld by James.  James is learning the recorder and can do BAG and C.  He is also writing a book about Owls.  Henry is doing the Rob Biddulph drawings - thank you Mrs Roberts for the recommendation! 

We've also done some baking - we made gingerbread men last week and shortbread the week before.  This week we are making some scones and some chocolate cake - Friday is our baking day!  

We also do Joe Wicks workout every morning.  Our cat Pipples sits and watches.  His face is funny - he is thinking "What on earth are you all doing???" We miss our friends and being able to go the shop to choose a comic. We are sad that there won't be at Colmers Hill egg hunt this year - but we are going to do our own egg hunt in our garden.   


We hope everybody is well and we miss our school family, Lots of love Henry and James.  

Message from Amelia 

Hello lovely school... we miss you!
Amelia and her desk, being a busy bee! She’s completed all the work you sent home already!

Story from Chaise 

Roll a dice story:
Chaise has spent a few hours a day adding and creating a non fictional story, inspired from listening to the David Walliams audios and wanted to share this with Mrs Roberts.  

Cookery Fun from Alice! 

Hello all,

We hope you are all well. Along with many other things 😉 Alice has taken charge of the kitchen, lots of cooking-   home made pasta, chicken curry & tiffin cake - good job we are starting the day with Joe Wicks! 

Take care, Jo& Alice  

Blue Peter Badge Award!! 

You all know how excited I am about getting a Blue Peter Badge, having never being able to get one as a little girl, I was super excited to get this message this week… Go Girls! 

After Mrs. Roberts told us about the Blue Peter music badge in a Celebration Assembly, Faith and Lucy sent a photo of themselves playing their ukuleles together! Faith was delighted to receive her badge in the post this morning! We are looking forward to visiting some of the places listed on the card with ‘free entry’- when the time comes! 

Mollie is Changing the World and Making it a Better Place! 

Mollie has been doing packages for a few of our neighbours that are isolating, including her chicken and duck eggs. Very proud of her. Mollie is really enjoying her school work and really wanting to do it even though she is missing her friends and especially Mrs Van Der Plank. 

Mollie – that is amazing – we are so proud of you!  

Letter from Eliza and Maddie 

This letter really made me smile this week.  I really love hearing from you guys! Maybe you can teach us the new dance girls!! 

Dear Mrs Roberts,

We’re missing you a lot, we hope everything is going ok at school.

We have been very busy making tea for our family. We made ‘Fiery Dragon Pasta’ from Maddie’s Cookbook. We made the eyes from mozzarella and olives (but I had cheddar because I do not like mozzarella! – Maddie).

We have also been junk modelling out of our recycling. We are in the middle of making a city. We have made 3 skyscrapers – The Shard, The Square and The Yoghurt Pot! Plus we have made a church, a railway track with a bridge going over it and a park with a pond.

We have made a bug hotel. We now need to fill it with bricks, wood, straw, bamboo ecetraaaaaah! We have also cut our willow den down but we have left some of it so that we can hang bird feeders from it and give wildlife somewhere to live. We are also going to plant some wildflower seeds.

We made a new daily dance to ‘Shake It Off’ – it is really energetic! We will try and send you a video.

Happy Easter Holidays!!!


Eliza and Maddie 

Message from Mrs Van der Plank 

As you can see, Dotty Buttons has been practising her reading, and I do believe she is getting better! She no longer tries to eat the books I give her, but I still have to help her turn the pages.

I hope you have all been as good at keeping up with your reading, especially Class 2? Don't forget to check our blog page for additional news and activities, as well as our class page on the website. This week there is a dinosaur activity. 

I am missing you all, and love to hear your news in our newsletter.

Love from Mrs. Van der Plank 

Reminder from Mrs Wills 

We would like to encourage people to have a look at the links I've been putting on the home learning page, some good stuff out there! I'm still adding more things as and when I find them.

Remember that we are always checking out Purple Mash and adding links on the website as well as out Twitter Feed and we are busy working on our class pages, adding ideas for things you can be doing at home.  Remember – it is the end of term so we won’t be sending anything out for you over Easter but I can see how imaginative you are when it comes to finding exciting things to do. 

Well done and thank you to all the grown-ups out there too – You are doing a FAB job! 

Easter Activities and Keeping Fit with Joe! 

Poppy has been keeping busy completing a project on spring time and baking Easter biscuits – yummy! Oscar and Poppy have been keeping fit with Joe and his PE lessons in the morning! Well done guys! Another great newsletter full of great news – very much needed! Thank you! 

Please remember to keep your emails coming through or tweet us on Twitter!

Please stay in – stay safe and we look forward to seeing you very soon!


With very best wishes,

Emma Roberts