Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England


At Symondsbury Primary School we aim to establish an outstanding PE programme to develop a sporting culture which helps to improve all pupils’ physical wellbeing and lifestyles through a planned programme of action to promote participation, progress, completion and enjoyment.


Active Breaktime

At Symondsbury we encourage the children to try and be active during their breaktimes and in their play.  We have a variety of large equipment that encourages gross motor skills – In the playground, we have The Timber Tangle and the Trim Trail. In the field, we have HMS Symondsbury, our boat-shaped climbing frame that offers a variety of climbing and agility skills, the spin bar and monkey bars.  We have also recently introduced daily playtime boxes.  In these five boxes, there is a variety of equipment linked to one activity/skill – skipping, balance, circus skills, throwing and catching. Each day, one box, along with fun game cards comes out to encourage and engage the children in play.  For those who want a quieter playtime, we have a designated area, in the Playground the Friendship Garden and a zone on the field where the children can sit quietly, talk, colour, read or play big board games.