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Spring 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back!

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Keep checking our class page to see what we have been upto!

Class Assembly

Well done to all of Class 1 for performing so well in their assembly today.  They have loved the story, Quiet, and have been making up their own stories for Leo's next adventure.  Pop into the classroom to read them!

Here are our lions, parrots, hyenas, monkeys and hippos!



World Book Day

We were so impressed with everyone's 'Story Hats' for World Book Day this year.  There were some fantastic creations from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to the Roly-Poly Bord and traditional stories like the Gingerbread Man.  The children also completed a special World Book Day writing challenge about their story.



Skipping Workshop

The children thoroughly enjoyed their skipping workshop with Lee from Skip Hop.  They made amazing progress in such a short space of time and are keen to keep practising and master this tricky skill!  This picture is of one of our super jumpers who even managed to do the 'Double Dutch' skipping with 2 ropes!  Amazing!



 Keep an eye on your door mats this week.  The children have been writing letters to their families and we have been to the post box to post them.



Africa Week

Class 1 really enjoyed learning about Africa this week.  We had our won safari and learnt about lots of animals that you might find in the savannah.  They wrote their own animal facts and we also wrote out own 'We All Went on Safari' book.

We learnt about the Masai tribe, what they do and how they live.  The children were very interested in how they lived in mud huts and looked after their cattle.  We made our own African necklaces like we had seen some of the tribes women wearing.

We enjoyed learning an African song with Miss Wakefield and our African Dance workshop.



Exploring the African instruments                                               Going on Safari!


 Chinese New Year

We have been learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.  The children have made playdough fortune cookies, including their own good luck message, made lucky money envelopes, tried to do some Chinese writing.  We loved watching the dragon dancing.



Forest School - The Three Little Pigs

We love fairytales and having read the Three Little Pigs this week we thought we would see if we could build some houses in the woods to keep the pigs safe from the big bad wolf.  The children were very inventive, even including traps for the wolf just in case he tried to get in!

    Eating those yummy gingerbread men!




The Gingerbread Man

The children have really enjoyed the Gingerbread Man story this week.  They have been making their own gingerbread men and women (!) with the gingerbread play dough which has been strengthening their hands and fingers, writing speech bubbles and role-playing the story.  

It seemed the perfect opportunity for some baking and we made some gingerbread men to take for snack at Forest School.  The children talked about the melting butter and dissolving sugar and made some delicious gingerbread men.




Forest School

It was great to be back in the woods again today.  Our last visit was before Christmas so there were lots of changes to look out for.  The children noticed how much barer the woods looked but they were also very excited to notice lots and lots of daffodil shoots and even some buds!  

We continued with our Gruffalo theme today.  After using the puppets to tell the story, we started creating our own 'Forest School Gruffalo Artwork'.  Although there were no paints or felt tips in the woods, the children were very creative with the natural resources to create their own pictures of the characters.


                                Storytelling                                                         The Fox


                             The Gruffalo                                                             The Owl