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Summer 2018

Welcome to Class 2's Summer Term 2018. 

Our topic this term is studying famous explorers. We will take an in depth look into Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We also have an action packed for curriculum to complete. We are going to be very busy with our Ks1 Sats assessments and our year 1 phonics test as well. 

Click here to see our curriculum map and click here to read our welcome back letter for parents.

Class assembly

Well we finished off the school year in style with an amazing class assembly. The children were fantastic. We had soooooo many parents turn up to watch and we hope they were all suitably impressed with what they saw.


 Finishing off the Great Fire of London in style

unfortunately, we did not get chance to finish off our GFOL topic at the end of the Spring Term. So we waited patiently for the sun to come out and the wind to die down to be able to burn our houses we made right at the beginning of the last term. We had our own Great Fire of Symondsbury!

Every precaution was made and reiterated to the children about fire safety and they viewed the blaze from a safe distance with staff. They were amazed at how quickly the fire spread. Mr White spoiled the fun by putting the fire out after 30 seconds. 



Literacy - drama and role play about Hansel and Gretal

In Literacy, we have been studying stories from different cultures. We read the story of Hansel and Gretal. We have designed story maps and performed some role play to the class.



Science - Plants

We have been growing our own sugar snap peas in school. We hope they will grow some fruit soon. The children have been looking after them and watering them everyday. We also explored the school field and went on a scavenger hunt to find different types of garden plants.



150th Birthday Celebrations

Wow! What a day our 150th Birthday was! This will be a day the children will never forget. We have been studying the school around the 1940's era. We took a particular focus on WWII. We looked at so many different areas of the war and linked it to Bridport. The children learnt and remembered so much. For the birthday party, we turned our classroom into a living museum and they became curators themselves explaining everything we had made and found out.



This last picture is class two's contribution to the new school song. 'The Long Life of the School'.

SATs and Phonics party to celebrate all our hard work.

Class two has worked very hard this term. So to reward them for all their hard work we had a phonics and SATs party. Their reward was their choice to play Kinect on the Xbox and play water games with a water fight. They all picked on Mr White!


Country Dancing 1940's Style

Class 1 and 2 put on a country dance performance to our lovely parents they have been learning with Miss Wakefield. They all performed two dances which went really well. 

The password to view the videos is: Symondsbury

Year 1

Year 2

 Recording Studio for our 150th Birthday CD

Class two recorded a song for a track on our 150th Birthday celebration CD of all our favourite school songs. We went down to the recording studio at the youth centre and in groups of 3's we took it in turns to record our song 'Hosanna Rock' he are some of our pupils having fun in the booth. 

The password to watch is: Symondsbury

Science Day in Class 2

Symondsbury had a wonderful science day led by two nutty professors Potty and Sillybottom. They led an assembly in the morning to get the children excited about Science. The classes then left and performed different science experiments throughout the day in class. All experiments were based around household items.