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Summer 2020 - School Closure

Welcome to Class 2's Summer Term page.  Although events have been cancelled we continue to miss you all and look forward to when we can all be together again. In the mean time, keep active and stay positive.


Please use Purple mash for activities that we have put on for you. 

Use BBC Bitesize on iPlayer for daily lessons. They are really good![Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL08]-[PS_IPLAYER~C~~P_Dailylesson]

Here are some ideas for what you can do this week and a timetable suggesting daily activities.




Last week of term!



Wow! I can't believe it's the last week of term! What a term this has been-one we will never forget and that's for sure!

Well done for getting through it!  This week at school we would usually take time in out achiever's assembly to reflect on this year's achievements.  Take some time to reflect on this time we've had away from school.  What have you learned from lockdown?  What skills have you developed?  It was lovely to see so many of your proud photos in the newsletter-what amazing skills you have learnt.  So every cloud (school being closed) has a silver lining (you have had loads of time to do amazing things!!!).

This week I'd just like you to try to complete one thing if you haven't already.  Mrs Van Der Plank asked Class 1 and Year 1's to draw a picture of something they really want to do next year in Class 2.  if you haven't done it already please draw a picture and drop it into school.  We can then try to make sure we include all of the things you want to do when we plan our exciting activities for next year.

If you are in Year 2, Mrs Maggs has asked you to complete a jigsaw piece with information about you. Please drop this in to school this week if you can-or send it.

There is still lots to do on purple mash this week.  Although we won't set you 2dos over the summer you can still access all of Purple Mask over the summer to play games and keep learning if you want to.

Have a wonderful summer-look after yourselves and your families-keep smiling.  WE CAN'T WAIT to see you all in September!!!



Week 15



Hello everyone! It's great to know we'll be back together at school in September and we can enjoy planning and looking forward to to all the things we've got to look forward to.  What are you all looking forward to most about coming back? Will it be seeing your friends? Your teachers? Maths lessons?  I'm looking forward to seeing lots of smiley faces every day.  But while we are looking forward I don't want to forget all the experiences I've had during lockdown.  So your task for this week is to think of a happy memory of something you have done during lockdown, and explore it with all of your 5 senses!

I want you to draw around your hand.  In the palm of your hand I want you to write about a happy memory you have from lockdown-something nice you've done-could be something very simple such as sitting in the garden.

On each finger you are going to write about how you experienced that memory with each of your five senses-See, hear, small, taste, touch.  Have a look at this picture which shows an example.

5 Senses Memory

Shut your eyes-touch each finger and remember each of your five senses during your happy memory.  How does it make you feel?

Now we are thinking about going back to school we can look back and think about what positive things have happened during this time away from school.  Have you discovered anything new? Had more time to play games you like?  have you discovered any new talents?  Maybe you could draw a picture or poster showing the good things you remember from this time away from school so you can look back in the future and remember.

Now a musical challenge-this song is great fun and once you've learnt it it's great fun to see how fast you can go!

Have You Ever?

Now for some Geography.

These two games are fun to test to see if we know where our continents and oceans are.  If you really like geography there are lots more games on the same website-you can find out about rivers, volcanoes, flags-all kinds of things!

Continents game


 Once you've practiced these two games why not take it to the next level and become a true GEO SPY here.  

GEO SPY games

While we travel around the world-Spanish would be a very useful language to know!  See what you can learn on DuoLingua.  You don't need to sign up to play-you can just get started. 

Learn some Spanish

Remember to access purple mash for spelling and maths games.

Week 14





Literacy- Fortunately/unfortunately game and story writing.

We can create really funny adventure stories by starting each sentence of our story with the word 'fortunately' and the next sentence with 'unfortunately'.  

Here is an example.  Have a watch of this video of someone reading the book 'Fortunately'.Fortunately

Fortunately means something good or lucky that happens.  Unfortunately in our stories will be bad luck.  The first line of you story should be a sentence about a character.

e.g Miss Wakefield really wanted to buy a new pair of shoes.

After you first sentence start alternating between fortunately and unfortunately sentences.  They can be as funny or silly as you like.

e.g Fortunately the shops were open so she could get what she needed.

Unfortunately she walked into a pet shop by mistake.

Fortunately she had always wanted a cat.

Unfortunately the cat she bought turned out to be a lion.

Carry on like this until you can think of a fun way to end.


Here is another example of a fortunately/unfortunately story for you to read.

Fortunately, unfortunately

Can you write your own 'Fortunately/Unfortunately' story?  Before you write it you can play it as a game with your family to get some ideas.  One person starts by saying a sentence about a character.  The next person continues the game by saying a sentence that begins with 'Fortunately'  The net person starts with 'Unfortunately'.  Continue like that.  If you like any of the ideas that come up while you are playing, you can include them in your story!


Some Science fun from the science museum this week.  You might need a bit of help with these, but they are both a lot of fun.  Fancy playing with bubbles and shooting mice into space?  Click below if either of those things sound like fun.

Bubble Fun

Rocket Mice

Rocket mice video


A co-ordination and musical challenge for you.  A simple song-but tricky to sing it with all the actions! Certainly very tricky if you try and speed it up. A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea

 Also please remember to get your Rockstar Videos into me this week so I can put them together.  Dress up as cool as you like!  If you don't know all the words-it doesn't matter-dancing around like a Rockstar will be great too! You can find the song here.Rockstar Song

Remember to keep up your clever counting! Counting in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's help us so much with our Maths.

Scroll down and practice the 5 times table song again (Week 11) and try to shout out the answers in the gaps.

Write out each number of the 5 times table on a separate scrap of paper. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60. On the back write how many 5's it is (e.g on the back of the piece of paper that says 10 write 2, because there are 2 5's in 10.

Lay the pieces of paper out n a table with the big numbers facing up.  Ask someone (a parent or sibling-or just yourself!) to give you a number from 1-12.  How quickly can you find that number times 5.  You could race with a sibling.When you pick up the piece of paper check underneath to see if the number was the one you started with.  Keep playing until your reactions are super fast.

Got 5's super quick? Watch this and have a go with your 3's.

 3 times table


Week 13




Here are some links to a couple of the the maths songs we sing in class.  Singing songs over and over is a great way to get our brains to remember things.

Here is the Doubles Song Doubles Song

And the Counting Song Counting Song

Also here are some resources to go over halves and quarters of shapes.  If you watch the short videos then you can go through the worksheets.  You can print out if you like-but even just looking through them and discussing each section with a grown up would be great.

Finding half of shapes video

Find a half activity cards


Finding quarters video

Find a quarter activity


We are going to combine music and literacy and even art if you want to this week.  I would like to you lookat this website-to learn about a great piece of music by Mason Bates called 'A Bao A Qu' from his Anthology of Fantastic Zoology!

Watch the first video (by clicking the purple box-scroll down to the right piece-week 9) to listen to the music and hear how it can inspire ideas about Mythical creatures. Then watch the second video where Ivan Brett explains how you can use the music to help you invent your own magical creature!  Could you use your imagination to invent a new imaginary creature?  Could you draw and describe your own creature? What does it look like-does it have knobbly knees? Or maybe pointy teeth? If you want you could even write a story about your creature.

Mythical Creatures 

I would love to see what you come up with.

Remember to visit purple mash if you want to share work-if you upload things to the class blog everyone in the class can have a look and be impressed! 


Week 12



Hello! Here are some more activities for this week.  Remember to go on purple mash for Maths and Literacy activities each week.  Purple Mash is also a great way to communicate with your teachers and your classmates.   Why not add something to the class blog?  We'd love to hear what you are up to.


There are lots of ways to help to learn our times tables, or clever counting.  We can use TT rockstars, we can go on purple mash, we can find some songs online to help us learn.  The main thing is to practice them lots-so our brain can remember them really easily.  The more we do it, the better we get.

These cubes are fun to make and once you've made them you can have a quick play on your own, with a parent or with a sibling.  Even if you only have a few minutes-they are a fun way of practising your times tables.  Choose which times table you want to practice.  The 3's are the hardest-so only do that one if you want an extra challenge!

2 times table cube

5 times table cubes

10 times table cubes

3 times table cubes



Homophones are words that sound the same, but they might have a different spelling and/or meaning.  Three words that are homophones are To, two, and too.

Click on the red box to explore these three words, then have a go at the quiz at the end.  Perhaps you could write some sentences that include each different word?

To, two and too

This is a fun game to help us with our punctuation and grammar.

Karate Cats

Science  Have you tried Now Press Play at home yet? It's great fun.  Click on the Green box to take you to a Now Press play all about habitats.  The password is nowpressplay.  

Now Press Play

After listening to Now Press Play you might want to have a go at this Quiz

to see if you can remember some facts about habitats.

Music  Here is a nice short song that is a great one to sing to wake your brain up before getting on with other work.  It seems simple but it is tricky to add the actions in.

Ding Dong




Week 11



This week you have a poetry challenge.  Have a listen to this poem by Benjamin Zephaniah.  He wrote it when he was 9 years old. It is called 'A Day in the Life or Danny Cat'.

Danny Cat Poem

Click below to read a section of the poem.  Do you think you could have ago at writing your own 'A Day In the Life' poem?  More info if you click below.  

Section of the poem-writing challenge

Remember to email your poems to school, or write them up on our class blog on purple mash.

Sticking to the animal theme, see if you can learn this song.

Down By The Bay song-click on the pink box to learn the song

Here are the words-

Down By the Bay,

Where the watermelons grow,

back to my home,

I dare not go.

For if I do, my mother will say

Did you ever see a moose, kissing a goose

Down by the bay!

In the video Charlotte asks for some more ideas for the line that goes 'Did you ever see a moose kissing a goose'.  It must be an animal, doing something, but the last word must rhyme with the animal. They can be as silly as you like as long as they rhyme.  I thought of 'Did you ever see a pig, wearing a wig' and 'Did you ever see a fish, looking very swish'.  How many can you think of? Write them on our class blog and perhaps I can record a new version of the song with your words in! House points for all new lines for the song.


For some science, and generally loads of interesting to stuff to get brains working why not tune into 'Let's Go Live' with Maddie Moate every day at 11 am.  This week the theme is 'Extreme Explorers'.  Have a watch and let me know what you think.

Let's Go Live! at 11am

For some Maths here is a song to listen to a few times-then listen to the next version and try to fill in the missing numbers! Remember you can use TT rock stars and purple mash to practice your 2, 10 and 5 times table-and all the others too if you want a challenge.

5 times table song

5 times table missing numbers!

Have any of you tried to draw along with the artist 'Rob Biddulph'.  I bet you will be surprised by the results if you have a go.  Choose one you like and get drawing.

Draw with Rob

Remember to head over to purple mash for lots more activities and to let us know how you are getting on on the class blog.


Week 10




Hear are some maths and English booklets for you to try at home. Don't worry if you can't print them off, you can just write down the answer on a board or some scrap paper.

Year 1

Year 2




Twilight take away. Work out the word problems - ask someone to read them to you if you need help. If you're feeling really clever try using numbers up to 50!

Year 1 Maths Activity Mat

Year 2 Maths Activity Mat




Year 1 grammar and spelling

Year 2 grammar and spelling

Week 9




Number Bonds to 10. Save the whale!

Use this game to practise your adding skills. You can choose numbers from 5 to 10 and find pairs to make that number. Use the pipes and tap on the wheel to fill the pool with water and set Willy free.

Use this game to practise lots of numberskills. Pick the sarcophagus with the correct number and make the mummy dance. Try finding the halve first.

Year 1 Maths activity mat

Year 2 Maths activity mat




Year 1 comprehension - bats!

Year 2 comprehension - Antarctica.There are 3 different versions and they get trickier!

Year 1 grammar and spelling

Year 2 grammar and spelling

The Love Apple.

There are so many different sounds in this story - which ones do you recognise? Can you tell someone what happens? Is it a sad or happy story? Create a home for the 2 caterpillars to live in.

Week 8




 Year 2 - play this addition game for adding 3 numbers. See how many levels you can achieve. Answer the problems before the balloons touch the ground and send them flying.

Year 1 - you can have a go too if you like, but here is also a counting game you might enjoy. 



"Sweet cocoon". Poor old caterpillar has a problem - what could it be? Watch this film to find out.

Can you - Tell someone the story? Describe the characters? Write some speech bubbles for them? Write about your favourite part? Draw the characters and the setting? Describe the setting with at least 3 sentences, Year 1) or at least 6 sentences, (Year 2).

Week 7





Use this link to listen to the story of the Owl babies.  

Can you draw a picture of the owl babies waiting for their mummy?

Can you write some speech bubbles for them?

Can you retell the story to someone?

How did they feel when they were alone?

How did they feel when their mother came back?

Make a story board to help you write down what happens in the story.




Use this sheet to help you to recognise 3D shapes. When you think you know them see if you can find any of them in your home. 
Here are some colouring sheets to help you remember the names of the shapes. Can you make your own model out of 3D shapes?

Week 6





Go to this link to play a number ordering game.

And Play Your Cards Right by following this link



The Magical Teaching Box is a story designed for Year 2, though I am sure that some of the Year 1s will enjoy it too.

Or you could describe your own dragon and even make up a story about it. I would love to see some pictures of your very own dragon.

Week 6


Sidney Spideris a lovely story with lots of ideas for fun activities.

You can listen to the story at this link -



 Some counting in 2's for Year 1. If you think you can tackle something trickier try counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s!