Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England

Summer Term 22

Week 3-

Class 2 have had another fun week. We have been busy making our clay models of London landmarks in art. They are all very detailed and we are looking forward to painting them next week.

We all enjoyed a nature walk alongside Colmers Hill for Forest School this week where we looked for lots of new signs of nature, identified some trees and had 5 minutes of mindfulness while we created a sound map of what we could hear. Finally, when we returned to school, some of us wanted to create some hapizome art by hammering leaves and flowers we had collected on our walk. Year 2s had a much wetter walk than Year 1, but also enjoyed finding the biggest of muddy puddles to splash in!
As part of our Literacy, we thought creatively about what situations might happen if the world was in neon colour- Do you think Big Ben would be called Big Ruby? Or fish would laugh at the neon crocodiles? Or would sharks have to become herbivores as their prey would see them sneaking up behind them? We have used these ideas to finish our persuasive letters to the felt tip pens and are really hoping they have done the trick! I wonder if they will return next week?!

Week 2-

In Class 2 this week we have been incredibly busy. We have been working on our persuasive letters to the felt tip pens who have still not returned. In Maths, Year 1s have been learning how to measure items with centimetres and Year 2s have been working hard on word problems, thinking about what calculations will help us get to the answer. 
Finally, Wednesday saw us completing a fantastic WE Day workshop with Mrs Swift. We thought about our carbon footprint and have written some amazing descriptive poems about our planet. 

Week 1-

In Class 2 this week we have had quite a busy few days! On Tuesday, we received a letter from the Queen asking us to look for her lost shoes. First, we'll need to learn all about her and her reign in our topic to reveal some clues on what might have happened to them. Keep your eyes peeled Class 2...
We have been looking closely at persuasive writing and the features of a persuasive letter. The children all were very enthusiastic to take part in our persuasive drama activity and everybody explained their points very well. To top this off, there was a catastrophe in the classroom.... our felt tip pens have QUIT! We went to use them on Thursday morning and they have all disappeared, leaving only a letter to explain. In our Literacy, over the next couple of weeks, we will be writing our own persuasive letters to try and encourage them to return.
Thank you to all of the children for their hard work, positivity and enthusiasm this week. I am really looking forward to working with you more. Miss T :)