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Daily Physical Activity

The Daily Mile 

In October 2018, Symondsbury Primary School incorporated the Daily Mile into their curriculum. A new initiative sweeping across the country in order for children to have more consistent daily exercise and combat rising childhood obesity levels. After a carefiul evaluation, and new guidance of physical activity hours publish by the government in July 2019, we decided to make the daily mile everyday and for the full 15 minutes. We also aim to spice it up by providing pupils with different activies to take part in.

We will keep this page updated on our progress and post testimonials from the children and staff about how they feel about the Daily Mile.

To find out more about what the Daily Mile is, click here.

Here is a link to the Daily Mile website where you can access more information.

Daily Physical Activity Action Plan

 New guidance published for this September say an overreaching goal would be for children to be doing 60 mins physical activity a day and schools must make up 30 mins of that out of PE hours. So for us to come anywhere near that the Daily mile must be at least 15 mins run for Ks2 and 10 for Ks1. We our doing our part in the morning. The school aims to make up the rest of this time by activities being available during playtime and lunch time and also offering after school clubs.


At Symondsbury We are aiming to make it more of a daily run and mix up their activates to make it a little more interesting for the children and make more out of it if we can.  We are incorporating not just running/walking for the Daily Mile but also sprint races that incorporate Gross Motor Skills and in the Summer Term – The whole school Daily Dance!